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      McKinsey Academy accelerates transformations by unlocking the potential of people

      Digitization, automation, the gig economy, and an aging workforce are upending the nature of work and disrupting traditional organizations. Across all levels, the need is growing for new skills and capabilities. In order to succeed, capability building needs to be grounded in how an organization creates value.
      We created McKinsey Academy to help organizations succeed at the human side of strategy — from mergers and turnarounds to digital transformation and growth.

      Introduction to McKinsey Academy

      Partner Charlotte Relyea explains how McKinsey Academy develops leaders and builds capabilities for every role in an organization through a blended learning approach.

      How we help clients

      We work with the world's leading organizations to meet their unique needs

      Executive Programs

      Unique, in-person programs for leaders from multiple organizations to learn from each other and our world-class faculty

      Functional Academies

      Comprehensive capability building programs that address the organization’s most critical needs, including leadership development, digital, growth and other transformations.

      Custom Solutions

      Highly customized programs designed to address an organization's unique business challenges.

      Why McKinsey Academy

      We created McKinsey Academy to help organizations create lasting value

      In service of your strategic goals

      We understand each organization's context, goals and challenges, and we craft targeted programs that are directly linked to the drivers of value.

      Proven methodology with deep assets

      Our frameworks, tools, and people help unlock value for the world’s leading companies and governments.

      Insights from McKinsey’s “leadership factory”

      We bring the insights and innovations gained from developing our own talent to every client situation.

      Our methodology

      Our Assets


      Seamless multi-device experience platform, including gamification, social learning, and learner dashboards

      Experiential learning

      20+ capability centers, model factories, immersive experience studios, go-and-see visits, and all-inclusive learning campuses around the globe

      Courses and content

      350+ in-person and digital modules, as well as standardized assessments and mini programs

      Expert Team

      Hundreds of learning design and delivery consultants, instructional designers, program managers, operations experts, and change facilitators worldwide


      client organizations served




      CEOs convened

      Want to learn more about how McKinsey Academy can help your organization?