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      Marketing & Sales

      Helping clients grow faster than the market

      Our people

      Liz Hilton Segel

      Senior Partner, New York
      Drives revenue growth and profit improvement for companies in consumer-facing industries by partnering with clients on transformations, including...

      Paul McInerney

      Senior Partner, Tokyo
      Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to leading consumer packaged goods and retail companies

      Jesko Perrey

      Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
      Helps clients deliver above-market growth by transforming their marketing and sales capabilities. Leads our Marketing and Sales Practice globally

      Dennis Spillecke

      Senior Partner, Cologne
      Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe and helps clients to run customer-centric transformations, build marketing analytics...

      Eric Hazan

      Senior Partner, Paris
      Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe and brings extensive knowledge of strategic marketing, as well as digital transformations...

      Alexander Sukharevsky

      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey Digital and our commercial work in Africa, the CIS, the Middle East, and Turkey, shaping commercial and digital transformations...

      Tjark Freundt

      Senior Partner, Hamburg
      Helps clients achieve superior growth and customer centricity, with a special emphasis on logistics, insurance, and energy companies

      Brian Gregg

      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Enables clients to achieve above-market growth by combining advanced analytics, consumer insights, and agile operating models to power commercial...

      Rock Khanna

      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Co-leads McKinsey’s solutions, a vibrant portfolio of assets combining the firm’s functional and industry expertise with proprietary data sets...



      Periscope accelerates commercial transformations and ensures lasting performance improvement, driving a 2–7 percent increase in return on sales.

      Consumer Marketing Analytics Center

      We accelerate your company’s ability using advanced analytics to translate insights from big data into actions for your consumer-facing marketing organization.

      Marketing Solutions

      McKinsey’s Marketing Solutions were made with the marketer in mind. These tools translate complex marketing return-on-investment (ROI) data into simple designs and visualizations to help marketers across widespread organizations do what they are supposed to do with data: make better decisions.


      Logistics company builds value by consolidating brands

      Campaign focused on developing a consistent global portfolio helps create a Top 100 global brand.

      Targeted online marketing programs boost customer conversion rates

      Cross-selling and category-penetration techniques yield a 20 percent jump in sales and a 30 percent increase in profits.

      Understanding the customer's true preferences to improve profits

      Migrating banking customers to more profitable products increases checking account revenues by 20 percent.

      Finding out where consumers make their decisions

      A consumer electronics maker's targeted investment in digital media sells out the product as part of a first phase to build a more effective marketing organization.



      Marketing Performance: How Marketers Drive Profitable Growth

      Drive marketing ROI with an investor’s mindset and a proven toolkit

      Featured event


      What CEOs really think about marketing, creativity, and growth

      Join McKinsey at Cannes Lions to hear our latest findings on how to quantify the impact of creativity and track the evolution of its definition.


      Interested in a career in Marketing & Sales?

      We are currently looking for experienced professionals across all marketing and sales disciplines.

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