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      Marketing & Sales Insights


      Are you a growth leader? The seven beliefs and behaviors that growth leaders share

      – A new survey highlights what separates growth leaders from the pack.

      Executive quick take: A guide to implementing marketing-and-sales transformations that unlock sustainable growth

      – Above-market growth in today’s competitive environment means becoming more flexible and agile and adopting multiple marketing... strategies.

      Pricing: Distributors’ most powerful value-creation lever

      – With new digital capabilities, distributors are finding that pricing can do more than traditional margin-expansion methods to... create new value.

      How digital is powering the next wave of growth in key-account management

      – New research highlights what the best-performing sales organizations are doing.

      The keys to esports marketing: Don’t get ‘ganked’

      – Esports is fast becoming one of the most popular spectator sports for young US men. But brands looking to capitalize should first... learn the complex rules of this new, global game.

      Special collection

      Growth leadership

      Growth is a new game, requiring new skills and a different brand of leadership. Interviews and insights explore how it's done.

      Want to learn more about how we help clients in Marketing & Sales?

      Special collection

      Digital Sales & Analytics: Driving above-market growth in B2B

      – A curated selection of articles to serve as a guide for navigating the changing sales world.



      China digital consumer trends in 2019

      – New research from a survey of 4,300 Chinese consumers suggests a path forward for brands and marketers seeking the next wave of... growth.

      How purpose-driven growth and a strong culture can beat the market

      – The foundation of growth strategy at Mondelēz is built on focusing the company, from leadership to the front lines, on a shared... purpose.

      Mind-set: The key to growth in the digital age

      – To maximize growth, leaders need a growth-focused mind-set and a willingness to place bets on the future.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      The public sector gets serious about customer experience

      – As public expectations rise, government agencies are doubling down on improving service delivery to delight their customers.

      Ready to ‘where’: Getting sharp on apparel omnichannel excellence

      – Brands and retailers are moving quickly to provide more seamless omnichannel shopping experiences—but your customers are... moving faster.

      Prime Day and the broad reach of Amazon’s ecosystem

      – Amazon’s Prime Day successes go way beyond sales. Retailers can learn from Amazon’s focus on leveraging and building... out its ecosystem.

      Marketing consumer durables in India: A journey into the minds of digital-age consumers

      – A new McKinsey metric helps Indian marketers get buyers’ attention at the beginning of their decision journey—when... it counts the most.

      How lessons from the record-breaking 2018 holiday season can inform retailers’ 2019 strategy

      – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are months away, but savvy retailers are incorporating lessons from last year’s holiday season... into this year’s marketing.

      A passion for customer experience in driving growth

      – Embracing data and providing an enhanced customer experience have been keys to growth at Hugo Boss.

      What matters in customer-experience transformations

      – McKinsey leaders provide an overview of the A, B, Cs of pulling together the building blocks of a customer-experience transformation.

      Piloting a biotech leader to greater growth

      – Growth in a dynamic biotechnology industry requires empowering teams, making real-time adjustments, and shifting the mind-set... to accelerate toward the end goal.
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