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      Accelerating transformations

      We help clients to accelerate and sustain their transformations through capability building, execution excellence, and leadership development.

      Organizations are constantly transforming themselves in response to changing markets and seismic shifts in the nature of work. Realizing the full impact of these changes is often a challenge, however. Most commonly, organizations squander value when they don’t focus on execution and change management or on the leadership and functional capabilities required to address their current and future skill gaps.

      McKinsey Accelerate helps clients to achieve and sustain the full value of their transformations—from enterprise-wide and function-specific transformations, to upskilling and reskilling at scale.

      How we help clients

      Unlocking the potential of people

      We build capabilities at scale, developing the exact skills organizations need to realize their business strategies and outcomes. From digital, growth, and operations to leadership, management, execution, and change management, we blend multiple learning techniques to upskill and reskill organizations.

      Delivering results that last

      We help clients to capture the full value of their transformations through systematic execution and change management. Our highly experienced change practitioners work shoulder to shoulder with clients—from the C-suite to the front line—to build the capabilities they need to drive and sustain the transformation and to ensure results.

      Developing leaders

      We help prepare leaders and top teams to guide their people through transformation journeys, designing and facilitating personal transformations, helping top teams to become more effective, creating scalable leadership-development programs, and providing executive coaching.

      Featured Video

      Overview of McKinsey Accelerate

      McKinsey partner Liz McNally and McKinsey senior partner Anand Swaminathan explain how McKinsey Accelerate helps clients to speed up and sustain their transformations.

      Our approach

      We embed the right mix of expertise, assets, and capabilities at each stage of a transformation, and provide end-to-end support, with flexible and long-term deployment models.

      Impact Essentials playbook

      Our playbook—with deep proprietary knowledge, tools, and a proprietary Execution Assessment to evaluate a company’s readiness to execute—explains the critical activities required to execute systematically and to manage change.

      Proprietary assets and technology

      We offer a large suite of ready-to-deploy digital programs and in-person experiential capability-building programs, with supporting technology to guide the learner at each stage of the learning journey.

      Experienced change and learning experts

      We draw on a global pool of more than 1,000 experts, including implementation practitioners with ten-plus years of industry and functional expertise, seasoned leadership coaches and facilitators, and specialists in adult learning and capability building at scale.

      Featured Capabilities

      RTS Academy

      Building enterprise-wide capabilities to drive and sustain a step change in Organizational Health and Performance

      Digital Academy

      Digital Academy empowers organizations to build the functional, technical, and leadership capabilities needed to realize their digital aspirations.

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