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      Analytics Insights

      The analytics academy: Bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence

      September 2019—As organizations rebuild their foundations to compete in the era of data and advanced analytics, in-house capability-building programs offer the best way to train workers up to the task.

      Artificial intelligence

      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Can artificial intelligence help society as much as it helps business?

      – The answer is yes—but only if leaders start embracing technological social responsibility (TSR) as a new business imperative for the AI era.
      Blog Post

      What it really takes to scale artificial intelligence

      – Changing company culture is the key—and often the biggest challenge—to scaling artificial intelligence across your... organization.
      Article - McKinsey Global Institute

      Tackling bias in artificial intelligence (and in humans)

      – AI has the potential to help humans make fairer decisions—but only if we carefully work toward fairness in AI systems as... well.
      Executive Briefing - McKinsey Global Institute

      Artificial intelligence in the United Kingdom: Prospects and challenges

      – The United Kingdom is one of Europe’s AI leaders, and now needs to build on its strengths and tackle weaknesses.

      Leading your organization to responsible AI

      – Company values can offer a compass for the appropriate application of AI, but CEOs must provide employees with further guidance.

      Data strategy

      Blog Post

      How to maximize the returns from your data

      – Recent advances in artificial intelligence, computing power, and data storage have ushered in a golden age for analytics.

      GDPR compliance since May 2018: A continuing challenge

      – Companies must automate and streamline, or the challenge of GDPR compliance will overwhelm them.

      Collaborating for the common good: Navigating public-private data partnerships

      – Public-private data collaboration holds great promise for solving some of society’s toughest challenges, but a holistic... data-governance framework is needed to help build trust and address risks.

      Organizing for analytics


      Catch them if you can: How leaders in data and analytics have pulled ahead

      – As data and analytics transform industries at an ever-quicker pace, the strategies and organizational cultures of leading companies... offer others a road map for success.
      Article - Harvard Business Review

      How to train your analytics translators

      – Analytics translators need deep institutional knowledge to perform their critical function, making it best to develop current... employees to fill these roles. Here’s how to do it.
      Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

      Five Fifty: Lost in translation

      – Hire as many data scientists as you can find—you’ll still be lost without translators to connect analytics with real... business value.

      Fusing data and design to supercharge innovation—in products and processes

      – While many organizations are investing in data and design capabilities, only those that tightly weave these disciplines together... will unlock their full benefits.

      Featured publications


      Crossing the frontier: How to apply AI for impact

      Cut through the noise around artificial intelligence with this collection of our latest thinking on where and how best to use AI in your organization.

      Analytics comes of age

      Analytics and artificial intelligence are reshaping organizations and the entire business landscape. Learn how to capture the value by embedding them in your business.

      Expert views


      Managing data as an asset: An interview with the CEO of Informatica

      – Anil Chakravarthy draws on his experience leading a data-management business to discuss new technical and organizational approaches that help companies create value with data.

      The future of manufacturing

      – In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey... senior partner Katy George and partner Enno de Boer about the future of manufacturing—think digital and advanced analytics, not robots.

      How China’s fintechs serve the underserved: An interview with CreditEase CEO Ning Tang

      – Fintechs that succeed in the Chinese market know how to use technology to adapt to local conditions, improve efficiency, and service... small businesses. Here’s how it’s done.
      Commentary - McKinsey Quarterly

      Building data-driven culture: An interview with ShopRunner CEO Sam Yagan

      – Sam Yagan, current ShopRunner CEO, cofounder of OkCupid, and former Match Group CEO, discusses the importance of culture for driving... data-based decision making, innovation, and, ultimately, company success.

      Derisking machine learning and artificial intelligence

      – The added risk brought on by the complexity of machine-learning models can be mitigated by making well-targeted modifications... to existing validation frameworks.



      Supercharging retail sales through geospatial analytics

      – A retailer can now use geospatial analytics to understand the interactions between its online and offline channels. With these insights, it can create a higher-performing retail network.

      M&A success, powered by advanced analytics

      – As M&A activity and acquisition premiums hit historic highs, companies can use advanced analytics to increase value and accelerate... impact during integration.

      Automation in retail: An executive overview for getting ready

      – Automation will reshape retail business models and the broader value chain, creating organizations with fewer layers and a better... trained and trusted workforce empowered by real-time data and analytics. The winners in the sector will be those who understand these implications and act quickly to address them.

      Winning tomorrow’s car buyers using artificial intelligence in marketing and sales

      – AI holds great potential for the automotive industry. Here’s what you need to know about its applications in marketing and... sales.

      When governments turn to AI: Algorithms, trade-offs, and trust

      – Artificial intelligence can help government agencies solve complex public-sector problems. For those that are new at it, here... are five factors that can affect the benefits and risks.

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      More insights


      Mastering the duality of digital: How companies withstand disruption

      – McKinsey research shows that established companies win by addressing digital strategy’s dual imperatives: building new digital... businesses while digitizing legacy operations.

      How to master the seven-step problem-solving process

      – Structured problem solving can be used to address almost any complex challenge in business or public policy.

      Analytics for grid decision making

      – The energy transition will make grid planning and operations increasingly challenging for transmission and distribution operators.
      Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

      Five Fifty: Tech for the greater good

      – Can advanced technologies like AI improve the well-being of humans? Only if we more carefully manage its deployment, and its effects... on human labor.
      Interactive - McKinsey Global Institute

      America’s future of work

      – As intelligent machines enter the workplace, some occupations are shrinking. At the same time, the economy is generating new jobs—although... they may be different occupations in different locations. What does the future of work hold for places and people across the United States?

      Three long-term trends changing business in China

      – An aging population, automation, and the democratization of people’s jobs will be crucial factors for companies in China... to manage.

      Reducing indirect labor costs at semiconductor companies

      – Digital tools could bring new productivity and efficiency gains to indirect functions. Why do semiconductor companies hesitate... to use them?

      Development in the mobility technology ecosystem—how can 5G help?

      – Technology-driven ecosystems are emerging in the automotive industry. Here’s what companies need to know about the new automotive... technology stack, the players driving this transformation, and the issues they are grappling with.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      The drumbeat of digital: How winning teams play

      – Pace and power go hand in hand for digital leaders, which typically run four times faster and pull critical strategic levers two... times harder than other companies do.
      Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

      ‘Tech for Good’: Using technology to smooth disruption and improve well-being

      – Focusing on innovation, skills, and labor fluidity will be keys to good social outcomes of technology adoption.

      How artificial intelligence will transform Nordic businesses

      – AI is driving a substantial part of the automation potential in the Nordics, and it could unlock $80 billion of value for businesses.
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