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        Peter Andén
        Partner, Stockholm
        Coleads McKinsey’s design work in Europe, is passionate about design and technology, and supports clients on digital strategy...
        Niclas Andersson
        Expert Associate Partner, Design, Stockholm
        Senior adviser to clients on consumer insights, communications, and brand strategy; also responsible for global strategy at Veryday,...
        Jakob Boije
        Senior Expert Associate Partner, Stockholm
        Leads customer-experience-design teams across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a focus on improving patient and physician...
        Becca Coggins
        Senior Partner, Chicago
        Advises retail and hospitality clients on transforming their performance, health, and capabilities
        Ewan Duncan
        Senior Partner, Seattle
        Works with clients across the technology, media, telecommunications, and other sectors to use design and customer-centricity...
        Mark Dziersk
        Partner, Chicago
        Expert in industrial design and brand management who is responsible for over 100 design patents
        Rod Farmer
        Associate Partner, Sydney
        Leads customer experience and design in APAC for McKinsey Digital and is a recognized thought leader in human-centered design,...
        Volker Grüntges
        Senior Partner, Munich
        Advises automotive OEMs and suppliers on strategic and operational issues in marketing, sales, and product management and helps...
        Jennifer Kilian
        Digital Partner, New York
        Combines creative vision with compelling design to drive innovation and reinvent how businesses engage with customers
        Marcus Mansj?
        Expert Associate Partner, Stockholm
        Fuels change and creates value through design and innovation work in consumer packaged goods and retail, with a focus on scaling...
        Stefan Moritz
        Senior Expert and Senior Design Director, Stockholm
        Empowering employees to deliver stellar customer experience
        Thomas Nilsson
        Partner, Stockholm
        Delivers impactful, user-centric product, service, and digital-design expertise across healthcare, specifically within medical-device...
        Malin Oreb?ck
        Senior Expert and Senior Design Director, Stockholm
        Drives multidisciplinary teams, leveraging the power of a people-driven innovation approach to address complex challenges within...
        Jeff Salazar
        Design Partner, San Francisco
        Shapes design vision on projects; explores and uncovers opportunities for clients to create strong connections with their customers...
        Mahin Samadani
        Digital Partner, San Francisco
        Passionate about inspirational approaches to creating digital products and services, with a focus on service design, design-centered...
        Hugo Sarrazin
        Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
        Pioneers innovative initiatives that help clients reinvent their businesses and is the cofounder and global leader of McKinsey...
        Ben Sheppard
        Partner, London
        Leads McKinsey & Company’s Product Development and Design practices in the United Kingdom. Advises clients on developing bold,...
        Ken Wood
        Design Director, Industrial Design, San Francisco
        Creates market impact with products that drive customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty; manages LUNAR’s industrial-design...
        Hyo Yeon
        Partner, New York
        As a leader of McKinsey Design’s global team, works closely with clients to ensure the use of a customer-centric approach to creating...