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      Our People

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      Mehmet Baser
      Partner, Istanbul
      Leads McKinsey Implementation and McKinsey Digital in Turkey, specializing in building digital businesses to generate sustainable...
      Jonathan Bown
      Expert Associate Partner, Johannesburg
      Leverages broad expertise in strategy implementation and capability building to help clients’ better implement change and deliver...
      Imke Dannhauser
      Engagement Manager - Implementation, Johannesburg
      Delivers transformation of clients' marketing and sales functions through coaching, capability building and deep functional experience
      David Entwisle
      Partner, Johannesburg
      Leads McKinsey Implementation in Africa with deep experience in transformation work related to financial services and IT
      Henrique Fagundes
      Senior Expert, São Paulo
      Draws on more than 20 years of experience in operations and lean methodology to drive operational excellence transformations across...
      Sergio Farioli
      Partner, Milan
      Applies experience in operations to help manufacturing organizations successfully implement global transformations
      Sherly Gao
      Engagement Manager - Implementation, Shanghai
      Partners with clients in implementing large-scale transformation programs across industries, focusing on marketing and sales excellence...
      Trish Gyorey
      Partner, Chicago
      Brings extensive experience in partnering with companies to drive performance transformations in their frontline operations and...
      Kiwan Ihn
      Expert Associate Partner, Seoul
      Brings deep experience in leading large-scale capital-project turnarounds and transformations, implementing lean-manufacturing...
      Magdalena Lorentz
      Associate - Implementation, Stockholm
      Specializes in coaching and capability building to drive results, bringing more than ten years of experience in leading business-improvement...
      Waqar Mian Mahmood
      Expert Associate Partner, Dubai
      Designs and delivers transformation projects and makes lasting improvements in operations by building client capabilities.
      Bruno Marsili
      Engagement Manager - Implementation, Miami
      Brings deep experience in different cultural settings, as both an executive and consultant, ensuring successful implementation...
      Olga Nefedova
      Expert Associate Partner, London
      Brings deep expertise on operational excellence and digital and agile issues, helping financial institutions and service organizations...
      Alexei Poroshkin
      Senior Expert, Moscow
      Applies more than 20 years of experience in helping companies implement operational transformations and build capabilities to...
      Martin Santoso
      Engagement Manager - Implementation, Jakarta
      Brings deep experience in developing and implementing large-scale transformations and megaprojects for companies across Southeast...
      Eugéne Smit
      Partner, Denver
      Helps major industrial companies design and deliver large-scale, multi-year transformation programs to strengthen operational...
      Andrew Smith
      Expert Associate Partner, Vienna
      Leads engagements alongside client teams to deliver large scale transformation programs, with a focus on the energy and oil and...
      Eion Turnbull
      Senior Expert, Sydney
      Brings insight and experience from a variety of industries and cultural settings to help clients identify key drivers of value,...
      Virginie Vitoux
      Expert Associate Partner, Berlin
      Drives management and leadership transformation in service operations, drawing on more than 10 years of experience in large-scale...
      Dieter Wemel
      Engagement Manager - Implementation, Brussels
      Brings more than 10 years of experience in lean and agile approaches and managing operations to help companies across industries...
      Elizabeth Young McNally
      Partner, Stamford
      Enables organizations to deliver lasting change by working with them to accelerate execution, develop leaders, and equip their...