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      Mastering organizational change

      How we help clients

      Talent Management

      We help make talent a source of value and competitive advantage.

      Merger Management

      We help clients realize maximum deal value from mergers—by tapping the right synergies, building capabilities, shaping the new... culture, and speeding up integration.

      Organization Design

      Our consultants help clients design organizations to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and... long-term organizational health.

      Culture and Change

      We have distinctive knowledge, tools and expertise to help large organizations design and implement major change programs in contexts... where business results are dependent on people shifting their day-to-day behaviors and mindsets to drive value.

      Enterprise Agility

      To survive and thrive in today’s world, organizations must adopt more agile ways of working across their entire company.

      Our people

      Fabian Billing

      Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
      Guides companies through performance transformations, enterprise agility programs, and merger integrations, leading to sustainable operational...

      Aaron De Smet

      Senior Partner, Houston
      Delivers growth, innovation, and organizational agility and is an expert on culture change, leadership development, team effectiveness, capability...

      Amadeo Di Lodovico

      Senior Partner, Dubai
      Serves leading companies in the energy, metals, and mining sectors on strategic topics, operational challenges, and government policy matters

      Oliver Engert

      Senior Partner, New York
      Advises executives across industries on transactions—including mergers, integrations, alliances, and divestitures—bringing particular expertise...

      Chris Gagnon

      Senior Partner, Dallas
      Coleads the Organization Practice globally and is head of McKinsey’s OrgSolutions group, helping clients organize in an integrated way by applying...

      Arne Gast

      Partner, Kuala Lumpur
      Leads our Organization Practice across Asia–Pacific, bringing extensive global expertise in leadership development, organizational design, talent...

      Mary Meaney

      Senior Partner, Paris
      Leads McKinsey’s work in Organization across Europe and she is also one of the leading experts in Transformational Change

      Bill Schaninger

      Senior Partner, Philadelphia
      Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values, leadership,...

      Haimeng Zhang

      Senior Partner, Hong Kong
      Coleads our Organization Practice in Asia, developing the talent and leadership that organizations need to thrive; leads our work across China...

      Featured Capabilities


      OrgSolutions applies data and rigor to the most important organizational decisions.

      Organizational Health Index

      Put hard numbers and improvement actions on your organization’s health

      McKinsey Academy

      McKinsey Academy accelerates transformations by unlocking the power of people

      Impact stories

      Reorganizing to build customer loyalty

      Bringing a stronger market focus to an execution-oriented organization helps to boost customer loyalty by 33 percent and maintain high growth rates even during the banking crisis.

      Rapidly simplifying an organization turns around performance

      A 5-month restructuring effort reduces organizational complexity and achieves new efficiencies that help deliver $2 billion in incremental profit.

      Building leadership skills for a successful merger

      Building leadership skills under difficult circumstances not only unlocked 30 percent more value from the deal but helped the organization establish a strong platform for undertaking future M&A to meet its growth ambitions.

      Implementing a talent strategy drives growth

      The telco client's recruiting time is halved, allowing the company to sign on 100 IT specialists within three years—a crucial enabler of its growth strategy.

      Featured insight

      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      The yin and yang of organizational health

      – Sustained performance over the long term and successful transformation in the near term require many of the same ingredients.

      Connect with our Organization Practice