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      Insights on Organization


      The forgotten step in leading large-scale change

      – Change programs that explicitly assess the skills and mind-sets required to fulfill their performance and health aspirations are upward of six times more likely to succeed.

      How to double the odds that your change program will succeed

      – Large-scale organizational change is more likely to stick if executives apply equal discipline and rigor to the hard and soft... elements that matter.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Getting personal about change

      – The need to shift mind-sets is the biggest block to successful transformations. The key lies in making the shift both individual... and institutional—at the same time.
      Book Excerpt

      A better way to lead large-scale change

      – By methodically putting equal emphasis on the hard and soft elements of leading change, organizations can more than double their... odds of success.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      The secret ingredient of successful big deals: Organizational health

      – Creating value from a merger is not easy. Acquirers that get it right start with an overlooked advantage: a healthy organization.

      Organizational Agility


      Agile Organizations


      Agile in enterprise resource planning: A myth no more

      – ERP transformations are never easy. Agile can help improve your results.

      Building agile capabilities: The fuel to power your agile ‘body’

      – To move your organization from targeted experimentation to driving agility at scale, it’s crucial to focus on agile capability... building.

      Growing your own agility coaches to adopt new ways of working

      – Agile coaches play a vital role in enterprise-wide agile transformations. To develop enough coaches, companies should create specialized... training academies.

      The journey to an agile organization

      – You know what an agile organization is, and why it’s important. But figuring out how to pull off an agile transformation... is another question.

      Featured Blog

      Leadership & Organization Blog

      Short and snackable insights on talent management, organizational design, agility, culture, change management, HR analytics and technology, leadership, and merger management from our experienced partners at the forefront of today’s trends.

      The five fifty

      A quick briefing in five—or a fifty-minute deeper dive into McKinsey’s best thinking on talent, organizational design, agility, culture, and leadership

      The silo syndrome

      Agility at the top

      Leadership at scale

      Decoding leadership

      Try a little weird

      Data-talent link


      Beyond Performance 2.0: A Proven Approach to Leading Large-Scale Change

      Beyond Performance 2.0 more than doubles your odds of successfully leading significant, sustainable change by applying equal levels of insight and rigor to the “hard” and “soft” elements that matter.

      Elevating Learning & Development: Insights and Practical Guidance from the Field

      For professionals seeking to hone their organization’s learning and development efforts, Elevating Learning & Development: Insights and Practical Guidance from the Field is the ideal resource.

      Leading Organizations: Ten Timeless Truths

      Leading Organizations identifies the most challenging organizational issues leaders face, and then—one by one—provides the hard facts, big ideas, and exceedingly practical “how to” steps to address those issues.

      Leadership at Scale: Better Leadership, Better Results

      Leadership at Scale provides leaders with the systematic and fact-based leadership development approach they need to unlock organizational performance in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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      More Insights


      Are you a growth leader? The seven beliefs and behaviors that growth leaders share

      – A new survey highlights what separates growth leaders from the pack.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      The analytics academy: Bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence

      – As organizations rebuild their foundations to compete in the era of data and advanced analytics, in-house capability-building... programs offer the best way to train workers up to the task.

      The Digital Accelerator: The Schwab model for accelerating its digital transformation

      – What’s better than digital transformation? A faster digital transformation—that delights customers, develops agile... ways of working, and creates new value. Here’s the road map followed at Schwab.

      How dual-career couples find fulfillment at work

      – When both you and your partner have demanding jobs, it’s challenging to strike the right work–life balance. Can companies... help dual-career couples juggle it all?
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Bias busters: Getting both sides of the story

      – How can the CEO break employees’ silence and get the critical input needed to make the right strategic moves?
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Getting personal about change

      – The need to shift mind-sets is the biggest block to successful transformations. The key lies in making the shift both individual... and institutional—at the same time.

      More than values: The value-based sustainability reporting that investors want

      – Nonfinancial reports helped stimulate the growth of sustainable investing. Now investors are questioning current reporting practices—and... calling for changes that executives and board members must understand.

      M&A success, powered by advanced analytics

      – As M&A activity and acquisition premiums hit historic highs, companies can use advanced analytics to increase value and accelerate... impact during integration.

      To succeed in a healthcare transformation, focus on organizational health

      – In transformations, healthcare providers and payers must attend to their organizational health, not just their short-term performance.

      Creating high-performance innovation teams at scale

      – For innovation initiatives to succeed, they must be staffed with the right combination of talent.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Bias busters: Knowing when to kill a project

      – You’re keen on encouraging innovation and letting a thousand flowers bloom, but how do you sort the weeds from the seeds?
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