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      Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

      How lots of small M&A deals add up to big value

      New research confirms that companies that regularly and systematically pursue moderately sized M&A deliver better shareholder returns than companies that don’t.

      How to beat your biases and make better investment decisions

      – Cognitive biases can trip up even the most experienced executives but can be defeated using proven techniques.
      Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

      Demystifying deal making: Lessons from M&A veterans

      – Two longtime experts in mergers and acquisitions describe what works—and what doesn’t—in corporate deal making,... including how to approach the role of activist investors.

      Done deal? Why many large transactions fail to cross the finish line

      – Our research shows that many large mergers and acquisitions are abandoned before closing because of value-creation, regulatory,... and political issues. Here’s how to improve the odds of success.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Bubbles pop, downturns stop

      – Economic downturns are impossible to predict and sure as sunrise. Build resilience now, because when the sun comes up, you’d better... be moving.

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      Beat the odds with a bold business strategy

      Learn what it takes to unlock the big moves that really matter for exceptional performance.


      Expert voices

      Interviews and conversations with our partners on how senior management thinks about strategy and how they confront their most pressing challenges.

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      Framing reinvention: What disruptive change means for business, society, and you

      – Global managing partner Kevin Sneader reflects on the challenges and opportunities that disruptive change presents for business... leaders and society.

      Resilience and value: A CFO tool kit for withstanding shocks

      – New research has identified a set of capabilities that allow an organization to repeatedly bounce back from setbacks or adapt... quickly to new trends. CFOs are supremely well placed to ensure that these “resilience assets” are in place.

      The diversity opportunity for new CEOs

      – New McKinsey research has uncovered a fascinating correlation between gender diversity and corporate performance.

      Want better strategies? Become a bulletproof problem solver

      – The value of creative and strategic thinkers capable of solving complex problems has never been higher.

      The Strategy & Corporate Finance blog

      Fresh takes on strategic growth and the latest trends in business.

      Special collections


      Bias Busters Collection

      It happens to the best of us. We don’t realize that some of our decisions are affected by cognitive and organizational biases.... Here are some of the most common of those biases and ways you can address them.

      McKinsey on Finance, Number 71

      – Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy
      Global theme

      Strategy in a digital age

      How to develop corporate and business-unit strategies in a digitally disrupted world.

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      More insights

      Blog Post

      Embedding purpose: fewer slogans, more action

      – If you had gone to sleep in 1981 and woken up last week, the latest statement from the Business Roundtable, an influential association... of US CEOs, on the purpose of the corporation would not surprise you.

      Resilience in TMT: Winning in downturns

      – Economic downturns hold substantial opportunities for companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector.... By starting now to build an action plan and execute no-regret moves, companies can put themselves on a path to emerge resilient through the next slowdown.

      Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2019: McKinsey Global Survey results

      – Respondents’ views are subdued on the current state of the global economy, and on their home economies in the months ahead. Trade... conflicts and trade-policy changes remain the most commonly cited threats to growth.

      What executives think about the economy: 2004 to now

      – This continually updated interactive tracks how executives around the world have viewed economic conditions and the economic prospects... of their companies, and how those views have differed over time and across industries, regions, and types of company.

      Multiples analysis: Industry labels don’t matter, performance does

      – Our research highlights the variability of multiples within and across industries and refutes the idea that there is a shortcut... to higher valuation.

      Down but not out: How automakers can create value in an uncertain future

      – After delivering record profits in 2017, global automakers have faced several challenges over the past 12 months. Can the industry... find a sustainable path to value creation in this disruptive environment?
      Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

      Five Fifty: Defund your darlings

      – Better to give than to take away? Not when axing underperforming projects and businesses.

      How to master the seven-step problem-solving process

      – Structured problem solving can be used to address almost any complex challenge in business or public policy.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Bias busters: Getting both sides of the story

      – How can the CEO break employees’ silence and get the critical input needed to make the right strategic moves?

      How customs agencies can help special economic zones succeed

      – When agencies have a seat at the table and participate in areas such as governance and stakeholder relations, these zones have... the best chance of promoting economic growth.

      The hidden value of improved capital-expenditure management in pharma

      – Pharmaceutical companies can reap huge rewards from the hundreds of smaller projects they manage, not just from the occasional... big one. Thinking about value, not just costs, is key.
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