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      Insights on Sustainability


      Earth to CEO: Your company is already at risk from climate change

      – The next decade is decisive. Acting now to prepare your enterprise for climate change will pay off.

      Sustainability at a tipping point

      Climate impacts over the next decade are largely locked in, but future impacts depend on decarbonization action over the next... two decades. Tackling the challenge will present new opportunities for growth, innovation, and resilience investment—here are five action areas that can push sustainability in the right direction.
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      Five Fifty: Slow burn

      – It’s axiomatic that as economies grow, energy demand increases at a similar rate. But renewables may finally break the connection.

      Peak energy, peak oil, and the rise of renewables: An executive’s guide to the global energy system

      – Global energy demand is headed toward a plateau over the next ten to 20 years, as the world focuses on electrification, energy... efficiency, and more service-driven economic growth.

      More than values: The value-based sustainability reporting that investors want

      – Nonfinancial reports helped stimulate the growth of sustainable investing. Now investors are questioning current reporting practices—and... calling for changes that executives and board members must understand.

      Featured Blog

      Sustainability Blog

      Quick takes on the business of sustainability from our experts at the forefront of today’s trends.

      The future of mobility


      The future of commercial mobility

      How to improve mobility and make our cities cleaner, greener, more livable, and efficient.

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      Framing reinvention: What disruptive change means for business, society, and you

      – Global managing partner Kevin Sneader reflects on the challenges and opportunities that disruptive change presents for business... leaders and society.

      Agriculture plays a critical role in limiting the impact of climate change

      – As a major contributor to methane and nitrous oxide emissions, agriculture is key to fighting global warming. But policy makers... are largely ignoring it.

      Earth to CEO: Your company is already at risk from climate change

      – The next decade is decisive. Acting now to prepare your enterprise for climate change will pay off.

      When you pick that pre-worn jacket, the environment wins too

      – Andy Ruben of Yerdle draws on his experience in sustainability to discuss how companies can enter—and thrive in—the... circular economy.

      Global gas and LNG outlook to 2035

      – Expansion in the gas and LNG markets continues, with LNG demand expected to increase 3.6 percent per year to 2035.

      Expanding electric-vehicle adoption despite early growing pains

      – The latest analysis of our Electric Vehicle Index shows the global electric-light-vehicle industry continues to make solid progress.... To accelerate growth further, several hurdles need to be overcome.

      Asia’s energy transition

      – The future of the energy sector in Asia will likely be driven by renewables and innovative energy technology.

      The global relevance of New York State’s clean-power targets

      – New York State has set ambitious decarbonization goals. What needs to happen to reach them?

      Building an offshore wind industry along the US East Coast: The role of state collaboration

      – Collaboration among state governments across several tasks will contribute to the timely and cost-effective scaling of the emerging... offshore wind industry along the US East Coast.

      Change vehicles: How robo-taxis and shuttles will reinvent mobility

      – Uncertainties surround the future of shared autonomous vehicles. Modeling scenarios for their development and adoption can help... companies on the road ahead.

      How digital innovation is transforming agriculture: Lessons from India

      – Four leaders in Indian agriculture discuss the sector’s challenges and digital innovation’s potential impact on smallholder... farmers.
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