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      Our People

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      Johan Ahlberg
      Senior Partner, Stockholm
      Passionate about helping companies realize efficiencies by implementing sustainable business practices throughout the value cycle
      Sara Bernow
      Partner, Stockholm
      Serves leading institutional investors, private-equity firms, and financial institutions on investment strategy, sustainable investing,...
      Rob Bland
      Partner, San Francisco
      Leads McKinsey’s work in crisis response. Helps clients across sectors bring major crises under rapid control, identify and prevent...
      Andres Cadena
      Senior Partner, Bogotá
      Champions Latin America’s economic development and applies financial and strategic expertise in work with the region’s...
      Alberto Chaia
      Senior Partner, Mexico City
      Works with clients in Mexico, Latin America and globally to develop strategies for economic development, financial inclusion and...
      Arnout de Pee
      Partner, Amsterdam
      Brings in-depth expertise in the energy sector, serving global leaders and running projects across every facet of the industry;...
      Nicolas Denis
      Partner, Brussels
      Advises government institutions on sustainable economic development and serves leading companies in agribusiness, fisheries, forestry,...
      Anton Derkach
      Senior Partner, Houston
      Serves electric power utilities, retail, technology and equipment manufacturing, and financial as well as engineering, procurement,...
      Hauke Engel
      Partner, Frankfurt
      Partner in McKinsey's Sustainability Practice. Leads work on climate change globally and supports businesses across sectors with...
      David Frankel
      Partner, Southern California
      Advises electric power and industrial companies on strategy and operations, with a focus on new downstream business models and...
      Markus Hammer
      Senior Manager of Learning, Vienna
      Has a passion for capability building with deep expertise in lean and green operations and the use of advanced analytics in operations;...
      Eric Hannon
      Partner, Frankfurt
      Serves global automotive and mobility companies as a core leader of our Automotive & Assembly Practice and leads our global urban-mobility...
      Kimberly Henderson
      Partner, Chicago
      Supports companies and investors in developing strategies for the shift to low-carbon energy systems and specializes in technologies...
      Russell Hensley
      Partner, Detroit
      Serves global automotive companies on strategic and operational transformations and co-leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility®
      Sean Kane
      Partner, Southern California
      Helps energy, engineering, and technology companies navigate technology-driven change, enter new markets, and optimize their operations,...
      Stefan Knupfer
      Senior Partner, Stamford
      Draws on 25 years experience working with leading-edge manufacturers to help clients develop successful strategies and achieve...
      Jonathan K. Law
      Partner, New York
      Serves a range of public sector and philanthropic clients, with particular emphasis on economic development, innovative social...
      Pablo Ordorica Lenero
      Senior Partner, Mexico City
      Leads our Sustainability Practice in Latin America, helping companies and countries meet future energy and water demand while...
      Clarisse Magnin-Mallez
      Senior Partner, Paris
      Leads the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in EMEA, coleads the Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice...
      Tomas Nauclér
      Senior Partner, Stockholm
      Helps companies and governments develop strategies grounded on a fact-based understanding of the potential impact of climate change
      Shannon Peloquin
      Partner, San Francisco
      Supports major utilities, transportation, and infrastructure organizations to enhance long-term strategy and investments, operations,...
      Dickon Pinner
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Leads McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice globally, where he helps transform companies' product, service, and asset portfolios...
      Vadim Pokotilo
      Partner, Moscow
      Specializes in large-scale transformation programs in municipal transport and logistics development, as well as retail and fast-moving...
      Swarna Ramanathan
      Associate Partner, London
      Helps drive McKinsey’s work in integrated future mobility, serving clients in the transport, oil and gas, and energy sectors adapt...
      Jaana Remes
      MGI Partner, San Francisco
      Leads research on productivity, competitiveness, urbanization and manufacturing
      Matt Rogers
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Applies 25 years of experience in the energy sector to help companies deliver performance, growth, and innovation
      Shivika Sahdev
      Associate Partner, New York
      Serves automotive and aerospace OEMs, suppliers, private-equity investors, and governments on disruptions in mobility and their...
      Yakov Sergienko
      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Advises on organizational development and innovations in digital- and advanced-analytics-driven transformations
      Ken Somers
      Partner, Antwerp
      Brings a wealth of operational expertise to help clients from manufacturing industries increase their yields and energy efficiency
      Humayun Tai
      Senior Partner, New York
      Serves major utility and energy technology clients across a variety of strategic, organizational, and operational issues ranging...
      Christer Tryggestad
      Senior Partner, Oslo
      A leader of our global Electric Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) and Oil and Gas (O&G) Practices; also leads the Knowledge Committee...
      Helga Vanthournout
      Senior Knowledge Expert, Geneva
      Advises private, public, and not-for-profit clients on their circular-economy agenda—from design and supply-chain management to...
      Amy Wagner
      Senior Expert, San Francisco
      Brings deep expertise in energy-market dynamics, design, and regulation, as well as in decarbonization pathways, clean technology,...
      Jonathan Woetzel
      MGI Director and Senior Partner, Shanghai
      Leads research on China, Asia, and global economic and business trends. Helps cities and regions create sustainable growth and...
      Yuito Yamada
      Partner, Tokyo
      Collaborates with colleagues across the globe to deliver lasting impact for clients in the agriculture, food, and energy-and-resources...