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      Changing trajectories through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and health

      The world is changing fast—and organizations must change to unlock their full potential.

      Yet research shows that most efforts to fundamentally change the trajectory of an organization fail. McKinsey’s broad suite of transformation offerings helps clients flip the odds to achieve extraordinary results for their organizations. Our transformation approaches are underpinned by proprietary tools and technologies to enable real, sustained change.

      Enterprise-wide performance lift

      A unique approach to sustained performance improvement, with a core focus on execution, capabilities, and growth

      Tech-enabled performance transformation

      A holistic approach to technological change for organizations seeking the next level in performance

      Strategic transformation

      A rapid investor perspective to identify the big moves required to maximize and sustain shareholder-value creation


      RTS is a special unit of McKinsey that delivers a proven approach to radical and sustainable improvement of performance, health, and capabilities.


      Changing trajectories

      Successful transformation requires a rigorous, holistic approach. Hear from our practitioners what makes our approach to transformation unique.

      The five truths of successful transformation

      No one sets out to fail—there are many decision points along the way that lead to transformation failure. However, in partnering with more than 100 organizations across different industries, geographies, and starting points, we have observed five truths common to successful transformations.

      Featured insights

      Video Collection

      Perspectives on transformation

      How can companies overcome the odds and achieve long-term success with an organization-wide transformation? Our video series looks closer at all the moving parts.
      Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

      Five Fifty: The T-word

      – Is your corporate transformation doomed to failure? Here’s advice for beating the long odds of success.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Transformation with a capital T

      – Companies must be prepared to tear themselves away from routine thinking and behavior.

      Keeping transformations on target

      – Analysis of high-stakes transformations reveals a few pragmatic lessons that increase the odds of meeting the organization’s... objectives.

      Featured solution


      A next-generation impact tracking platform that ensures superior execution and value delivery for large-scale transformation programs, while helping organizations benchmark progress against their peers

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