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      Our People

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      Navtez Singh Bal
      Senior Partner, Gurugram
      Leads McKinsey's RTS and Operations Practices in India, specializing in turnaround and transformation programs for leading companies...
      Hugo Baquerizo
      Senior Partner, Panama
      A leader of McKinsey’s strategy work across Latin America, helps leading companies across the region to shape bold strategies...
      Alejandro Beltrán
      Senior Partner, Madrid
      Leads McKinsey in Spain and Portugal, advises international corporations on strategy and corporate finance, and counsels public...
      Michael Birshan
      Senior Partner, London
      Coleads our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, partnering with bold and determined...
      Chris Bradley
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Asia and works on strategic transformations for organisations across Australia’s...
      Claudio Brasca
      Leading enterprise-wide transformations that fundamentally alter organizations’ performance trajectories
      Kevin Carmody
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Specializes in corporate restructurings and enterprise-wide transformations; brings deep experience in operational turnarounds...
      Brandon Carrus
      Senior Partner, Cleveland
      Works with CEOs and top teams to achieve excellence in clinical and service operations
      James Chavin
      Senior Partner, London
      Leads McKinsey’s transformation work in Europe, serving as a restructuring and transformation advisor for a range of national...
      Manish Chopra
      Senior Partner, New York
      Serves clients in healthcare and private equity on strategy, M&A, and operational improvement, and leads pricing across sectors...
      Becca Coggins
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Advises retail and hospitality clients on transforming their performance, health, and capabilities
      Xavier Costantini
      Senior Partner, Santiago
      Helps companies in highly complex industries achieve successful operational transformation, instilling lean methodologies and...
      Laura Corb
      Senior Partner, New York
      Develops growth and go-to-market strategies for leading companies in the media, entertainment, and service industries
      Angus Dawson
      Managing Partner, McKinsey Australia and New Zealand
      Leads McKinsey’s work in Australia and New Zealand and serves clients through periods of intense strategic, regulatory, and technology-based...
      Anton Derkach
      Senior Partner, Houston
      Serves electric power utilities, retail, technology and equipment manufacturing, and financial as well as engineering, procurement,...
      Dago Diedrich
      Partner, Düsseldorf
      Serves leading energy, automotive, and high-tech companies on strategic issues, performance transformation, and trend analysis
      Kevin Dolan
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Guides efforts to transform performance and cost structures within business functions, establishing greater organizational alignment...
      Michael Ellis
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Brings 25 years of experience to his work with leading energy and mining clients in Asia, Australia, and the United States
      Roberto Fantoni
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Latin America, serving some of the largest industry leaders and a few...
      Tracy Francis
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Leads our consumer packaged goods and retail work in Latin America, helping leading consumer-focused companies drive transformations,...
      Jon Garcia
      Senior Partner and President RTS, Washington DC
      Founder of McKinsey’s RTS unit. Leads large-scale, high-profile transformations and turnarounds across industries and geographies
      Massimo Giordano
      Managing Partner, Mediterranean office, Milan
      Leads our Mediterranean office, advising major institutions and leading companies on a broad range of issues, with a particular...
      Seth Goldstrom
      Senior Partner, Atlanta
      Helps organizations sustain performance transformations through a focus on execution, capability building, and growth
      Stephan G?rner
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Supports leading global players in the mining, steel, and power industries in operations improvement, supply-chain management,...
      Vijay Gosula
      Senior Partner, Salvador
      With expertise in Brazilian markets, including infrastructure, banking, and retail, he advises clients on improving operational...
      Alexandre Gouvea
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Designs and leads turnarounds for struggling companies across industries in South America; drives implementation of restructured...
      Brian Gregg
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Enables clients to achieve above-market growth by combining advanced analytics, consumer insights, and agile operating models...
      Ferry Grijpink
      Senior Partner, Amsterdam
      Helps telecom and media companies grow their businesses, shape new markets, and transform their organizations.
      Stephen Hall
      Senior Partner, London
      Brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy and mining sectors to his work counselling clients on strategy and performance...
      Lari H?m?l?inen
      Senior Partner, Helsinki
      Leads McKinsey’s Helsinki office and our Advanced Analytics (AI) work in Benelux and the Nordic region, while advising companies...
      Martin Hirt
      Senior Partner, Greater China
      Leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice globally and is one of the firm's most experienced client counselors on issues...
      Celia Pohani Huber
      Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
      Develops strategies for government and private payors, benefits consultants, pharmacy-benefits managers, and charitable foundations
      Richard Hudson
      Senior Partner, London
      Brings over 17 years of experience in board, operational, restructuring, and advisory roles
      Tip Huizenga
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Leads clients through comprehensive restructuring and transformation programs, drawing on substantial expertise in oil and gas,...
      Srikant Inampudi
      Senior Partner, Detroit
      Managing partner of our Detroit office; helps industrial, healthcare, and other complex enterprises pursue strategic transformation,...
      Peter Kenevan
      Senior Partner, Tokyo
      Combines expertise in corporate finance, strategy, and operations in the industrial and technology sectors with hands-on executive...
      Tomas Koch
      Senior Partner, Bangkok
      Leads McKinsey New Ventures in Asia and serves the leading oil, gas, and chemicals companies across the region on sustainable...
      Alejandro Krell
      Senior Partner, Santiago
      Supports large companies—mainly based in Chile—in shaping their strategy, building their operational excellence, and strengthening...
      Charag Krishnan
      Associate Partner, Washington DC
      Driving holistic transformations for higher-education institutions to enable financial sustainability, and supporting implementation...
      Vladimir Kulagin
      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads projects on strategy, marketing, pricing, customer centricity, organizational development, and operational efficiency in...
      Kevin Laczkowski
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      As the global leader of corporate strategy, supports major advanced industrial organizations on corporate strategy, business-unit...
      Richard Lee
      Senior Partner, Seoul
      Works with leading technology, media, telecommunications, and private-equity clients to enable digital transformations that capture...
      Olivier Legrand
      Senior Partner, Singapore
      Leads McKinsey’s Capital Productivity & Infrastructure Practice in Asia, and coleads our Operations Practice, with deep expertise...
      Robert E. Lewis
      Senior Partner, Southern California
      Leads large-scale performance improvement and operational excellence programs for industrial and basic materials companies, and...
      Robert Linden
      Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
      Advises a broad range of healthcare clients—from early-stage biotechnology and medical-device companies to global, diversified...
      John Lydon
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Acts as a client counsellor to Australia's and New Zealand's leading organisations and one of the global leaders of McKinsey Implementation
      Clarisse Magnin-Mallez
      Senior Partner, Paris
      Leads the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in EMEA, coleads the Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice...
      Yogesh Malik
      Senior Partner, Washington DC
      Advises leaders in the industrial and automotive sectors on operations strategy globally, with a focus on using data and digital...
      Massimo Mazza
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Advises consumer-goods and retail companies across emerging markets on large-scale, profound, and sustainable transformations,...
      Duncan Miller
      Senior Partner, Atlanta
      Leads commercial transformations at consumer companies to drive both topline growth and margin expansion, and oversees our consumer...
      Wiktor Namys?
      Senior partner, Warsaw
      Brings extensive operational expertise to clients in Central and Eastern Europe in retail, banking, heavy industry, manufacturing,...
      Asutosh Padhi
      Senior Partner, Global Practice Co-Convener, Chicago
      Coleads our work in Advanced Industries on a global basis, leads our Advanced Industries in Americas, and heads up our work in...
      Jatin Pant
      Senior Partner, Bangkok
      Serves financial services companies in Southeast Asia, China, and India on business transformation and innovation through digital...
      Marco Piccitto
      Senior Partner, Milan
      Advises leading European financial and industrial institutions on a broad range of risk-management, business-strategy, and transformation...
      David Pralong
      Senior Partner, Auckland
      Trusted by clients across industries and geographies for his expertise in corporate transformations and portfolio restructuring
      Anders Rasmussen
      Senior Partner, London
      Brings expertise in corporate finance and risk management to oil and industrial companies, helping them prepare for growth and...
      Steve Reis
      Senior Partner, Atlanta
      Works to help companies across industries achieve growth through analytics, digital, and agile execution
      Harry Robinson
      Senior Partner, Southern California
      Provides strategic and operations counsel to basic materials, mining, and energy companies worldwide
      Shirish Sankhe
      Senior Partner, Mumbai
      Advises research on urbanization and economic growth, particularly in India and Southeast Asia
      Aurobind Satpathy
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Works on strategy, growth, operations, performance transformation, and turnarounds for clients in the industrial and private-equity...
      Gregory Schor
      Partner, Brussels
      Serves as the global leader of Wave, McKinsey’s innovative program-management solution that helps facilitate large-scale transformation...
      Alex Singla
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Advises financial institutions and other companies on strategy, operations, and enterprise transformation to achieve step-change...
      Yermolai Solzhenitsyn
      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey’s Metals & Mining Practice in Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, and the Middle East,...
      Seungheon Song
      Senior Partner, Seoul
      Advises leading companies in the automotive, engineering, and construction sectors, guiding successful turnarounds and performance-transformation...
      Rohit Sood
      Senior Partner, Toronto
      Brings digital-operations and lean-management expertise to help clients in the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare sectors...
      Kevin J. Speicher
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Works with clients on operations, performance transformation, strategy, business building, and organizational issues
      Fábio Stul
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Guides transformation programs, as well as growth and value-creation efforts for national and multinational consumer-packaged-goods...
      Gregor Theisen
      Senior Partner, Hong Kong
      Leads our work with financial institutions in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has deep expertise in insurance...
      Robert Uhlaner
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Helps clients in major organizations with large-scale corporate-finance and M&A transformational efforts
      Drew Ungerman
      Senior Partner, Dallas
      Advises healthcare clients on strategy and operations and leads our core healthcare capabilities globally
      Wesley Walden
      Senior Partner, Melbourne
      Leads transformation work across the Asia-Pacific region, advising clients on enterprise transformations with a focus on strategy,...
      Cornelius Walter
      Senior Partner, Budapest
      As a global coleader of McKinsey Transformation (MT) banking service line, advises financial institutions, energy companies, public-sector...
      Andy West
      Senior Partner, Boston
      Brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver growth through effective integration and new structures...
      Matthias Winter
      Senior Partner, Zurich
      Helps telecom and media companies to grow their business, shape new markets, and transform their organizations
      Florian Wunderlich
      Senior Partner, Munich
      Leads rapid-pace digital transformations for companies looking for a fresh start, taking an owner's mind-set to maximize business...
      Doug Yakola
      Senior Partner, Boston
      Brings deep experience in restructuring across industries, specializing in interim executive roles in organizations undergoing...
      Ahmed Youssef
      Senior Partner, Dubai
      Leads McKinsey’s Family-Owned Business Practice in the Middle East. Advises investment companies and diversified groups, including...