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      Maximizing the effectiveness of leaders in an environment of increasing uncertainty and complexity.

      What executives are reading in 2019

      – Time to restock your shelves? We asked leaders of some of the world’s biggest organizations to share the books they look forward to reading or revisiting.

      The diversity opportunity for new CEOs

      – New McKinsey research has uncovered a fascinating correlation between gender diversity and corporate performance.

      Leadership beyond the C-suite

      – In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey... senior partner Claudio Feser and associate partner Nicolai Nielsen about the research in their new book, Leadership at Scale: Better Leadership, Better Results.

      The wisdom of transformations: How successful CEOs think about change

      – What works and what doesn’t, from those who know.
      Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

      Five Fifty: Agility at the top

      – Want a more agile company? Become a more agile leader.

      Featured Publications


      The Board Perspective - Number 2

      Download our collection of McKinsey insights focusing on boards of directors.

      When Execution Isn’t Enough: Decoding Inspirational Leadership

      Based on extensive research, this book shows what it takes to win the minds and hearts of the people you lead: individuals, teams, or entire organizations.

      CEO Briefings

      Book Excerpt - McKinsey Quarterly

      An agenda for the talent-first CEO

      – In tumultuous times, a company’s talent is its most valuable and reliable asset. What does it take to lead an organization... that truly unleashes its human capital?
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      What makes a CEO ‘exceptional’?

      – We assessed the early moves of CEOs with outstanding track records; some valuable lessons for leadership transitions emerged.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      A CEO action plan for workplace automation

      – Senior executives need to understand the tactical as well as strategic opportunities, redesign their organizations, and commit... to helping shape the debate about the future of work.
      Executive Briefing - McKinsey Quarterly

      A CEO's guide to gender equality

      – The case for gender equality is strong. Why is progress so slow?

      Leading the C-suite


      Equipping leaders for merger integration success

      – Leadership capability building is crucial during mergers. Tailoring a program for three cohorts of integration leaders can make... a big difference.

      Successfully transitioning to new leadership roles

      – Leadership transition is more common and important than ever. By focusing on five basic dimensions of leadership, new leaders... can succeed spectacularly.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      Will artificial intelligence make you a better leader?

      – Agile leadership and AI both depend on learning to let go.

      Leading for the long term

      – Successful CEOs combine winning strategies with compelling stories and constructive engagement with shareholders.


      Why agility at Zalando?

      Europe’s largest online fashion retailer embraced purpose, autonomy, and mastery to build agility, explains VP Engineering Eric Bowman.

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