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        Strategy to beat the odds

        Despite their best intentions, business leaders often get bogged down by human biases and social dynamics that get in the way of clear strategy and strong execution. Just about anyone proposing a strategy comes in with a confident “hockey stick” projection. But how do you distinguish the true breakthrough plans from the fakes and then carry through the tough choices needed to make good on those promises?


        of economic profit created

        is captured by companies in the top quintile of our analysis

        1 in 12


        moved from the middle quintiles to the top over 10 years


        strategy shifts

        can change what’s happening in your strategy room and help you break through

        Featured Insight

        Article - McKinsey Quarterly

        Eight shifts that will take your strategy into high gear

        – Developing a great strategy starts with changing the dynamics in your strategy room. Here’s how.
        Article - McKinsey Quarterly

        Strategy to beat the odds

        – If you internalize the real odds of strategy, you can tame its social side and make big moves.
        Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

        Five Fifty: The industry effect

        – What’s the single biggest determinant of how your company performs relative to others? The industry you compete in.

        The book behind the ideas

        Strategy beyond the hockey stick

        People, probability, and big moves to beat the odds

        Mining the data from thousands of large companies, McKinsey partners Chris Bradley, Martin Hirt and Sven Smit open the windows of the strategy room, and bring an “outside view.”

        The eight shifts diagnostic

        Take our diagnostic to learn how well your executive team is addressing the social side of strategy and how your organization performs

        Recognize Yourself?

        Beat the odds with a bold business strategy
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        “. . . The third little pig wanted to build a wolf-proof brick house. But the other two pigs thought that would take away resources from their budgets, so they talked him out of it right before the wolf killed all three of them.”

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