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      Advanced Electronics Insights


      Packaging solutions: Poised to take off?

      – Major trends are reshaping packaging solutions—and that could open new opportunities for players that are prepared to move fast.

      Flow control: Sector at a crossroads?

      – The sector’s performance has plateaued in recent years. But flow control’s best days may still be ahead, given increasing... demand and technological advancements.

      Growth dynamics in industrial robotics

      – In-depth research and a new qualitative survey suggest what’s shaping the global industrial-robotics space and how OEMs... and systems integrators can help unleash the potential.

      Capturing value in machinery and industrial automation as market dynamics change

      – Shifting growth patterns and digitization are reshaping the sector. A strategic response can help machinery and industrial automation... companies to keep pace.

      The coming shakeout in industrial distribution

      – And five keys to outperformance in the years ahead.

      Featured Publication


      Tech-enabled transformation: The trillion-dollar opportunity for industrials

      – Applying digital, analytics, and IoT technologies is worth over a trillion dollars of value for industrial companies. To capture that value, however, industrial companies need to approach their transformations holistically, not in the piecemeal manner that we often see.

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      Resilience in TMT: Winning in downturns

      – Economic downturns hold substantial opportunities for companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector.... By starting now to build an action plan and execute no-regret moves, companies can put themselves on a path to emerge resilient through the next slowdown.

      Decoding digital transformation in construction

      – Few engineering and construction companies have captured the full benefit of digital. Five practices can help E&C companies... move beyond isolated pilots and unlock digital’s value across their enterprises.

      Reducing indirect labor costs at semiconductor companies

      – Digital tools could bring new productivity and efficiency gains to indirect functions. Why do semiconductor companies hesitate... to use them?

      Mapping the automotive software-and-electronics landscape through 2030

      – The market for automotive software and for electrical and electronic components is expected to grow strongly in the next decade.... What must companies know to succeed?

      How will changes in the automotive-component market affect semiconductor companies?

      – The rise of domain control units (DCUs) will open new opportunities for semiconductor companies.

      Industrial robotics: Opportunities for manufacturers of end effectors

      – With strong growth in industrial robotics, manufacturers of end effectors and other components could see big gains.

      Digital ecosystems for insurers: Opportunities through the Internet of Things

      – The Internet of Things has entered customers’ everyday lives around the globe and transformed business models across industries.... This environment brings opportunities for insurers: to develop new products, open new distribution channels, and extend their role to include prediction, prevention, and assistance.

      Accelerating profitability for medium-size industrial companies

      – As companies transition from medium-size to established organizations, they often lack the DNA and organizational muscle to rapidly... improve their bottom-line performance. An accelerated transformation can help.

      Blockchain 2.0: What’s in store for the two ends—semiconductors (suppliers) and industrials (consumers)?

      – Ten years after blockchain’s inception, it is presenting new opportunities for both suppliers, such as semiconductor companies,... and consumers, such as industrials.

      Artificial-intelligence hardware: New opportunities for semiconductor companies

      – Artificial intelligence is opening the best opportunities for semiconductor companies in decades. How can they capture this value?

      Right product, right time, right location: Quantifying the semiconductor supply chain

      – Problems along the semiconductor supply chain are difficult to diagnose. A new metric can help companies pinpoint performance... issues.
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