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      Our People

      Practice leaders

      Harald Bauer

      Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt
      Advises semiconductor and high-tech clients on matters of strategy, operations, and performance transformation

      Nick Santhanam

      Senior Partner, Americas Practice Leader, Silicon Valley
      Specializes in helping high-tech, semiconductor, industrial, and private-equity clients tackle operational and strategic challenges

      Thomas Baumgartner

      Senior Partner, Global Practice Co-Convener, Vienna
      Coleads our work in Advanced Industries on a global basis, leads our Advanced Industries work in Europe, and heads up our work in the Advanced...

      Our people

      Julie Avrane-Chopard

      Senior Partner, Paris
      Advises companies as they pursue performance transformation and anticipate the workforce implications of artificial intelligence

      André Andonian

      Managing Partner Japan and Senior Partner, Tokyo
      Works in Advanced Industries globally, serving clients in our Advanced Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Assembly and High Tech...

      Audrey Bernardo

      Partner, Silicon Valley
      Delivers impact through large-scale operations transformations in the advanced-industries and consumer-goods sectors

      Albert Chang

      Partner, Taipei
      Brings deep experience in leading performance improvements in the high-tech and advanced-electronics industries through comprehensive digital...

      Giancarlo Ghislanzoni

      Senior Partner, Milan
      Counsels clients in the advanced electronics, aerospace and defense, and automotive sectors on their organizational and operational challenges

      Dr. Markus Simon

      Partner, Cologne
      Advises clients in the industrial sector, including in machinery and industrial automation, on operational and organizational challenges and...

      David Sprengel

      Partner, Munich
      Helps B2B and B2B2C companies to achieve profitable growth by applying his expertise in go-to-market strategies, sales effectiveness, sales-push...

      Gernot Strube

      Senior Partner, Munich
      Leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Europe and coleads the Operations Practice, advising clients in the infrastructure, aerospace,...

      Yoshi Takanuki

      Senior Partner, London
      Helps manufacturing companies shape their strategy and transform their operating model, applying operations expertise to unleash their performance