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      Aerospace & Defense

      Serving the world’s leading and emerging aerospace and defense organizations


      Aerospace & Defense

      We work with commercial aerospace leaders in most segments of the industry, from aircraft OEMs to satellite and space transportation firms. We partner with these organizations to help them improve operations, program affordability, and growth.

      Departments and Ministries of Defense

      We have long-standing relationships with ministries and departments of defense worldwide, helping them manage significant shifts in demand and funding for aircraft, equipment and defense-related services.


      Julie Avrane-Chopard

      Senior Partner, Paris
      Advises companies as they pursue performance transformation and anticipate the workforce implications of artificial intelligence

      Kevin Dehoff

      Senior Partner, Practice Leader, Americas, New York
      Applies deep operational and strategy skills to help commercial aerospace clients and defense contractors transform their systems

      John Dowdy

      Senior Partner, London
      Helps aerospace and defence organisations improve operations and identify growth opportunities, and works with defence forces to transform their...

      Featured solution


      Radar combines budgetary, market, and competitive data with powerful visualization and analytical tools to help your organization analyze the market effectively and make timely strategic decisions.

      Featured insights

      Book Excerpt

      Agility in US national security

      – Even the world’s largest bureaucracy can learn to dance. This excerpt from a new book published by Aspen Strategy Group suggests how.

      Design-to-Value in Aerospace and Defense

      Design-to-Value is an integrated approach to improve products and margins through a better understanding of customer value, competitive positioning, and costs. Its principles can be applied at virtually any point in a product’s lifecycle. Read our brochure for an introduction to our capabilities, services, and expertise.

      Connect with our Aerospace & Defense Practice