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      Aerospace & Defense Insights


      Modernizing the US nuclear deterrent: An interview with Elizabeth Durham-Ruiz

      – The director of US Strategic Command’s Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Enterprise Center describes recent efforts to engage the private sector in modernizing the US nuclear deterrent.

      Debate: Will delivery UAVs scale by 2030?

      – Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, are a hot topic of debate. McKinsey asked two professionals close to the issue to weigh in on whether they believe UAVs will gain traction and claim a significant share of urban deliveries by 2030.

      Air-mobility solutions: What they’ll need to take off

      – Innovators are designing air taxis and delivery drones. But these won’t take flight unless stakeholders accelerate investment in air-mobility infrastructure.

      Selling in the aftermarket: How to win the sales street fight

      – Seven unique factors in aftermarket sales lead to a seven-part recipe for a high-performing aftermarket sales force.

      Refining the flight path: Seven priorities for commercial aerospace leaders through 2020

      – Commercial aerospace companies need to focus on several areas, from the evolving industry structure to the development cost curve, to stay competitive.

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      How Airbus is navigating a digital transformation

      – The aerospace and defense company is charting a course to software and services, focusing on creating new data-driven models to complement its hardware platforms.

      Featured publication


      McKinsey on Industrial services: Reimagining how services organizations grow

      – A set of paradigm shifts is forcing companies to rethink their approach to services businesses, to promote both growth and operational efficiency.

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      Munich Security Report 2019: The Great Puzzle: Who Will Pick Up the Pieces?

      – This report provides an overview of major security policy challenges and features insightful data, analyses, maps and infographics.

      More European, more connected, more capable: Building the European armed forces of the future

      – This report presents five key choices for European leaders to create connected and capable armed forces for the future.



      How industrial companies can respond to disruptive forces

      – A survey of 300-plus executives from the automotive, aerospace, and diversified-industrial sectors generated insights that can... help traditional players reckon with change.
      Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

      Data as jet fuel: An interview with Boeing’s CIO

      – It isn’t always comfortable, but data analytics is helping Boeing reach new heights.

      Commercial drones are here: The future of unmanned aerial systems

      – Investment in unmanned aerial systems is soaring, but challenges remain. Here’s what stakeholders need to know about the... evolving landscape.

      War and peace: Evolving challenges and strategies in the US military

      – Five experts describe the technological, environmental, and other disruptions that are changing the way the US armed forces manage... conflicts and pursue peace initiatives.

      Five keys to digitizing aerospace and defense companies

      – Most aerospace and defense companies have launched digital transformation efforts. Few of them are working out. Here’s how... to get better results.
      Book Excerpt

      More tooth, less tail: Getting beyond NATO’s 2 percent rule

      – This excerpt from a new book published by Aspen Strategy Group offers a path to better and more meaningful metrics.

      Supply-chain management in aerospace and defense: Cash is king—again

      – A renewed focus on investment calls for A&D companies to unlock significant amounts of cash. The key will be knowing where... to look and what measures can free it up.

      Perspectives on the future of space exploration

      – Five leaders from industry, academia, and business outline the realities of sending new technologies, research methodologies,... and business models into orbit.
      Book Excerpt

      Agility in US national security

      – Even the world’s largest bureaucracy can learn to dance. This excerpt from a new book published by Aspen Strategy Group... suggests how.

      How aerospace should deal with Brexit

      – McKinsey senior partner John Dowdy offers his perspective on how Britain’s vote to leave the European Union may affect the aerospace... sector.

      Defense outlook 2017: A global survey of defense-industry executives

      – Business leaders are growing more optimistic and think they can head off challenges from commercial firms.
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