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      Our People

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      Daniel Aminetzah
      Senior Partner, New York
      Advises global agricultural and specialty chemicals companies—along with investors in the sector—on corporate strategy, M&A, and...
      Eric Bartels
      Partner, Zurich
      Advises agricultural and chemical companies on R&D, marketing and sales, strategy, organization, and large-scale change
      Raffaele Carpi
      Partner, Lisbon
      Leads operations-performance transformations that deliver bottom-line impact across manufacturing sectors
      Nicolas Denis
      Partner, Brussels
      Advises government institutions on sustainable economic development and serves leading companies in agribusiness, fisheries, forestry,...
      Nelson Ferreira
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Advises agriculture and mining companies in Brazil and Latin America, helping executives set strategy, manage supply chains, and...
      David Fiocco
      Partner, Minneapolis
      Advises global agricultural companies across developed and emerging markets, working across the value chain from field to fork,...
      Lutz Goedde
      Senior Partner, Denver
      Leads McKinsey’s work globally in agriculture
      Avinash Goyal
      Senior Partner, Mumbai
      Helps chemical and agriculture companies meet the challenges of a rapidly changing sector, taking a global, data-driven perspective...
      Sheng Hong
      Partner, Shanghai
      Evaluates market opportunities and strategy to advise executives in the agriculture and chemical sectors as they seek to enter...
      Maya Horii
      Partner, Tokyo
      Advises public agencies, development institutions, investors, and private companies on challenges encompassing a range of strategic...
      Kartik Jayaram
      Senior Partner, Nairobi
      Works to advance country and regional development and helps drive large-scale transformation in the public and private sectors
      Parimol Karnchanachari
      Partner, Bangkok
      Advises global energy and materials companies on the strategic, commercial, and organizational initiatives that will ensure their...
      Omid Kassiri
      Partner, Nairobi
      Supports governments as they pursue a transformation agenda with a focus on economics and agriculture; guides companies to better...
      Joshua Katz
      Partner, Stamford
      Advises companies across the food-and-agriculture value chain on strategy and M&A and works closely with investors and investor-owned...
      Ludovic Meilhac
      Expert Partner, Stamford
      Brings hands-on executive experience driving operational excellence—including procurement, supply-chain management, and lean transformation—to...
      Doan Nguyen Hansen
      Partner, Singapore
      Leads McKinsey’s chemicals and agriculture work in Southeast Asia, advising public- and private-sector clients on strategy, economic...
      Chandrika Rajagopalan
      Partner, Mumbai
      Helps leaders across the agriculture value chain drive growth and improve performance, and leads our Agriculture Practice in India
      Theo Jan Simons
      Partner, Cologne
      Works with petrochemicals and downstream companies on strategy and portfolio management, performance transformation, M&A, and...
      Owen Stockdale
      Partner, Minneapolis
      Advises agriculture, chemicals, basic materials, and industrial companies on operations and strategy topics
      Roberto Uchoa
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Advises global agricultural, consumer, and retail companies as they pursue growth, integrate acquisitions, and drive improvements...
      John Warner
      Senior Partner, Cleveland
      John leads McKinsey’s work in energy and materials in the Americas, and our Global Chemicals and Agriculture Practice.
      Thomas Weskamp
      Senior Partner, Cologne
      Leads our work in Specialty Chemicals; provides expertise on strategy, portfolio assessment, functional excellence, M&A, and innovation
      Georg Winkler
      Senior Partner, Berlin
      Advises companies in business-to-business industries, particularly the chemicals sector, as they set new strategies and boost...
      Yuito Yamada
      Partner, Tokyo
      Collaborates with colleagues across the globe to deliver lasting impact for clients in the agriculture, food, and energy-and-resources...