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      Chemicals Insights


      Beating the cycle: Building resilience in chemicals

      – Economic downturns take their toll—and chemical companies are no exception. Our research finds companies that increased resilience in the last downturn made bold moves.

      Technology-enabled procurement for chemical companies

      – They recognize the importance of strong purchasing capabilities, but few have transformed the function into a source of real strategic advantage. Digital and analytics can help.

      The next big thing? Quantum computing’s potential impact on chemicals

      – The chemical industry is poised to be an early beneficiary of the vastly expanded modeling and computational capabilities of quantum computing. Companies must act now to capture the benefits.

      Chemicals manufacturing 2030+: More of the same…but different

      – A decade from now, chemicals plants may look similar from the outside. But the inside will be very different.

      Dynamic pricing: Using digital and analytics to take value pricing in the chemical industry to the next level

      – Rapid, customer-tailored pricing adjustments being made possible by new digital and advanced-analytics capabilities can generate substantial revenue improvement for chemical companies.


      McKinsey on Chemicals, Number 7

      – Explores the changing chemicals landscape, capital markets, strategies, mergers & acquisitions, and digital.

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      More insights


      Critical infrastructure companies and the global cybersecurity threat

      – How the energy, mining, and materials industries can meet the unique challenges of protecting themselves in a digital world.
      Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

      Compound growth at MilliporeSigma

      – CEO Udit Batra describes what it took to fuse two vibrant R&D organizations, as well as the business value realized from their... integration.

      China’s chemical industry: New strategies for a new era

      – China looks set to remain the fastest-growing major chemical market, but important changes are under way. To succeed in this next... stage of development, players will need to embrace a new set of strategies.

      How plastics waste recycling could transform the chemical industry

      – Reusing plastics waste could become an important driver of profitability for chemical companies. Incumbent players need to make... the right moves now to tap this opportunity.

      No time to waste: What plastics recycling could offer

      – Plastics waste is hurting the chemical industry as well as the environment. By taking the lead on recycling, chemical players... could add a new dimension to the industry and help solve the problem.

      Launching Axalta: An interview with Charlie Shaver

      – Charlie Shaver led the carve-out of DuPont’s coatings business that created Axalta. Five years on, he talks about the steps... he has taken to build an industry leader, and trends in the coatings sector.

      Building a great data platform

      – Five insights into building a great data platform can help energy, chemical, utility, and basic-materials companies get it right.

      Chemicals and capital markets: Back at the top

      – Early 2018 sees the chemical industry back in position as the top performer in its value chain.

      Petrochemicals 2030: Reinventing the way to win in a changing industry

      – Location has been the key to success in petrochemicals: playing in emerging markets and accessing cheap feedstock. As the industry... shifts, companies will have to work harder on core capabilities and strategy.

      Using advanced analytics to boost productivity and profitability in chemical manufacturing

      – Digital holds major promise for chemical companies, and employing advanced analytics in manufacturing presents some of the earliest-accessible... and largest opportunities.

      Managing M&A in chemicals: Meeting the new challenges

      – The chemical industry is seeing a record level of M&A, higher multiples, and growing activist-investor activity. Chemical... companies must strengthen their M&A and integration capabilities to ensure they create value in this environment.
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