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      Consumer Packaged Goods

      Helping clients define strategies and strengthen their organizations and operations

      Our people

      Greg Kelly

      Senior Partner, Atlanta
      Leads the Consumer Packaged Goods Practice globally and works with apparel, consumer goods, and retail companies, as well as restaurants, on...

      J?rn Küpper

      Senior Partner, Cologne
      Leads our Western European Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices, implementing winning strategies and supporting organizational structures...

      Klaus Behrenbeck

      Senior Partner, Cologne
      Helps retail- and consumer-facing clients achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence

      Featured Capability

      Periscope Suite

      Periscope accelerates and sustains commercial performance, driving a 2-7 percent increase in return on sales. It is an integrated suite of analytics solutions that deliver sustainable margin and sales improvement through advanced insights creation, performance management, better pricing, and optimized promotions and assortments. Periscope serves clients with a unique combination of data management, analytical insights, software tools, and expert capability-building support in the consumer goods, retail, B2B, finance, and travel industries.



      Perspectives on retail and consumer goods, Number 7

      – The seventh edition offers some of our latest thinking on the trends and disruptions reshaping the consumer sector.

      Connect with our Consumer Packaged Goods Practice