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        Financial Services

        Covering the full spectrum of global financial services

        Global leaders

        Marcus Sieberer

        Senior Partner, Zurich
        Advises financial-services companies, payments providers, private-equity firms, and the public sector on corporate governance, strategy, enterprise...

        Somesh Khanna

        Senior Partner, New York
        Somesh leads high impact digital transformation, innovation and performance improvement engagements with financial services clients. He is the...

        Jacob Dahl

        Senior Partner, Hong Kong
        Leads McKinsey's Financial Services Practice in Asia and emerging markets, helping major finance companies drive strategy, mergers, and performance...

        G?khan Sari

        Senior Partner, Istanbul
        Leads our Financial Services and Risk Practices in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East

        Alexandre Sawaya

        Senior Partner, S?o Paulo
        Leads the Financial Institutions and the Risk Management Practices in Latin America



        Improves a bank's operational performance and financial metrics by benchmarking process efficiency, sales performance, and high-level strategy

        Performance Lens for wealth asset management

        Performance Lens is a McKinsey solution that helps asset managers make better strategic, operational, and organizational decisions using fact-based, actionable insights.



        Banks in the changing world of financial intermediation

        – Banks sit at the center of a vast, complex system that intermediates more than $250 trillion in global funds. What happens when the system itself is significantly streamlined and reshaped?

        Featured event

        McKinsey at Sibos 2019

        Join McKinsey at Sibos to hear our latest thinking on the rapidly transforming payments industry.

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