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      Metals & Mining

      Helping clients create lasting impact in changing environments

      How we help clients


      McKinsey serves most of the world’s largest metals players, across every region. We help them shape strategy, transform... operational performance, and build agile organizations.


      We serve two-thirds of the world’s top 25 mining companies, across all regions and functions—helping them navigate... a volatile world and deliver outstanding performance.

      Featured Solutions


      MineLens enables mine operators and owners to assess performance against a broad set of peers to identify opportunities for operational improvement and then track progress over time.


      MineSpans helps managers and investors make strategic, operational, and financial mining decisions by providing them with the most reliable cost curves and supply and demand models in the world.

      Our People

      Avetik Chalabyan

      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey’s work in metals globally and heads the metals and mechanical engineering work in Russia and the CIS, specializing in strategy...

      Stephan G?rner

      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Supports leading global players in the mining, steel, and power industries in operations improvement, supply-chain management, strategy, organizational...

      Rajat Gupta

      Senior Partner, Mumbai
      Leads McKinsey’s energy and materials work in Asia, helping companies in emerging markets transform their performance, achieve breakout growth,...

      Jukka Maksimainen

      Senior Partner, Geneva
      Leads our global work in mining and has global experience serving companies in the resource sector, sovereign wealth funds, and resource-rich...

      Sigurd Mareels

      Senior Partner, Brussels
      Brings 25 years of experience in strategy, operations, organization, and M&A to his basic-materials clients

      Robert Samek

      Senior Partner, Toronto
      Increases returns on capital and de-risks outcomes by building major projects faster and at lower cost

      Yermolai Solzhenitsyn

      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey’s Metals & Mining Practice in Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, and the Middle East, specializing...

      David Xu

      Senior Partner, Hong Kong
      Advises energy and electricity companies, both in China and internationally, on strategic planning, organizing for performance, and transforming...

      Amy Yang

      Partner, Hong Kong
      Brings deep experience in the metals and mining, energy, and adjacent sectors in helping both state-owned Chinese enterprises and multinational...

      Featured Insight


      Can the gold industry return to the golden age?

      – It’s time to dig for a solution to the gold mining reserve crisis.

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