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      Our People

      Vladimir Aleksandrov
      Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey’s work for the mining and chemical sectors in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, specializing in...
      Filipe Barbosa
      Senior Partner, Houston
      Co-leads the global Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice and helps lead our work in energy and basic materials
      Jochen Berbner
      Partner, Kazakhstan
      Leads the McKinsey Kazakhstan office and advises companies in the metals and mining and finance sectors as well as public institutions...
      Michael Birshan
      Senior Partner, London
      Coleads our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, partnering with bold and determined...
      Avetik Chalabyan
      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey’s work in metals globally and heads the metals and mechanical engineering work in Russia and the CIS, specializing...
      Jennifer Davies
      Partner, Sydney
      Brings experience in leading major business performance transformations that deliver bottom-line impact across various industries
      Amadeo Di Lodovico
      Senior Partner, Dubai
      Serves leading companies in the energy, metals, and mining sectors on strategic topics, operational challenges, and government...
      David Dyer
      Partner, Melbourne
      Leads our work in Asia on reputation, government, and regulatory-strategy topics; also supports private- and public-sector clients...
      Karel Eloot
      Senior Partner, Shanghai
      Focuses on industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation in the industrial sectors, particularly for companies in China
      Christophe Fran?ois
      Senior Partner, Paris
      Brings expertise in operational excellence including supply chain management, lean transformation, and investment optimization...
      Rustem Galyavin
      Partner, Moscow
      Serves major Russian metal and mining companies, with a focus on strategy development, operations and procurement optimization,...
      Jovita Gartlan
      RTS Senior Vice President, Melbourne
      Advises and leads clients through transformation programs, drawing on over 100 M&A engagements covering multiple industries
      Emma Gibbs
      Partner, London
      Advises public- and private-sector clients on strategy, with focus on the interface of the two sectors
      Seth Goldstrom
      Senior Partner, Atlanta
      Helps organizations sustain performance transformations through a focus on execution, capability building, and growth
      Stewart Goodman
      Partner, Johannesburg
      Provides counsel in corporate strategies across sectors, with deep expertise in mining and commodities
      Stephan G?rner
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Supports leading global players in the mining, steel, and power industries in operations improvement, supply-chain management,...
      Rajat Gupta
      Senior Partner, Mumbai
      Leads McKinsey’s energy and materials work in Asia, helping companies in emerging markets transform their performance, achieve...
      Trish Gyorey
      Partner, Chicago
      Brings extensive experience in partnering with companies to drive performance transformations in their frontline operations and...
      Tip Huizenga
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Leads clients through comprehensive restructuring and transformation programs, drawing on substantial expertise in oil and gas,...
      Greg Kudar
      Senior Partner, Calgary
      Advises resource-based companies to help management teams make better portfolio choices and deliver on both capital and operating...
      John Lydon
      Senior Partner, Sydney
      Acts as a client counsellor to Australia's and New Zealand's leading organisations and one of the global leaders of McKinsey Implementation
      Jukka Maksimainen
      Senior Partner, Geneva
      Leads our global work in mining and has global experience serving companies in the resource sector, sovereign wealth funds, and...
      Sigurd Mareels
      Senior Partner, Brussels
      Brings 25 years of experience in strategy, operations, organization, and M&A to his basic-materials clients
      Greg Peacocke
      Partner, Jakarta
      Helps rapidly deliver large-scale operations turnarounds in both consumer and heavy industry across South East Asia and Australia...
      Emma Petherick
      Partner, Brisbane
      Works with clients to achieve performance transformations, with a focus on organisation and system design, culture, and performance...
      Charlene Pretorius
      Senior Expert, Johannesburg
      As an expert in capital optimization and governance, works with infrastructure, energy, and mining clients to prioritize capital...
      Ferran Pujol
      Expert Partner, Santiago
      Brings expertise in advanced analytics to leading heavy industries, such as mining, power, and chemical companies, with a focus...
      Agesan Rajagopaul
      Partner, Johannesburg
      Serves clients globally in the mining and electric-power sectors on a broad range of topics, from large corporate turnarounds...
      Oliver Ramsbottom
      Partner, Tokyo
      Advises domestic and global clients in resources, commodities, and related industrial sectors, with a particular focus on metals...
      Angelika Reich
      Partner, Zurich
      An expert in organizational and leadership development, helping clients diagnose their culture, manage change, and deliver business...
      Maria João Ribeirinho
      Partner, Lisbon, Madrid
      Supports energy and infrastructure companies in multiple geographies on strategic and operational issues.
      Harry Robinson
      Senior Partner, Southern California
      Provides strategic and operations counsel to basic materials, mining, and energy companies worldwide
      Robert Samek
      Senior Partner, Toronto
      Increases returns on capital and de-risks outcomes by building major projects faster and at lower cost
      Shirish Sankhe
      Senior Partner, Mumbai
      Advises research on urbanization and economic growth, particularly in India and Southeast Asia
      Richard Sellschop
      Partner, Stamford
      Leads our digital and analytics work within the Metals & Mining Practice globally, focused on helping clients around the world...
      Yakov Sergienko
      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Advises on organizational development and innovations in digital- and advanced-analytics-driven transformations
      Christos Sermpetis
      Partner, Dubai
      Leads our Middle East Operations Practice, serving companies in extractive and process industries. Brings deep expertise across...
      Bruce Simpson
      Senior Partner, Toronto
      Advises aerospace, basic materials, and healthcare clients on operations, performance transformation, cultural change, and continuous...
      Sergey Sokolov
      Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey’s Operations Practice in Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East, and Turkey and...
      Yermolai Solzhenitsyn
      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads McKinsey’s Metals & Mining Practice in Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, and the Middle East,...
      Ken Somers
      Partner, Antwerp
      Brings a wealth of operational expertise to help clients from manufacturing industries increase their yields and energy efficiency
      Gregory Vainberg
      Senior Partner, Montréal
      Works with management teams at resource-based companies to improve their strategic choices, investment decisions, project approvals,...
      Michel Van Hoey
      Senior Partner, Luxembourg
      Advises leading metals and mining companies on strategy, marketing and sales, organization, and transformation
      David Xu
      Senior Partner, Hong Kong
      Advises energy and electricity companies, both in China and internationally, on strategic planning, organizing for performance,...
      Amy Yang
      Partner, Hong Kong
      Brings deep experience in the metals and mining, energy, and adjacent sectors in helping both state-owned Chinese enterprises...
      Benedikt Zeumer
      Partner, Düsseldorf
      A leading global expert on base metals, advises and supports businesses across the value chain of the steel, aluminum, and copper...