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        Oil & Gas

        Improving performance and managing risk across the oil and gas value chain

        How we help clients

        Capital Projects

        We help clients deliver world-class projects that yield maximum return on invested capital.

        Digital & Advanced Analytics

        We help oil and gas companies achieve step-change transformations in operations and business outcomes through digital strategies,... advanced analytical capabilities, and adopting agile ways of working.


        We help clients navigate today’s high-paced and interconnected markets with deep industry experience, rigorous analytics,... cutting-edge tools, and unwavering commitment to impact.

        Global Gas

        We help gas companies create distinctive outcomes across the energy value chain and in every region.


        We help oil and gas companies engineer their organization for success through our unique combination of deep industry knowledge,... field-tested approaches, and proven tools and benchmarks.


        We help oil and gas companies develop strategies to pursue growth and create value in an uncertain and volatile environment.


        We help clients optimize their businesses to capture the potential of tight gas, shale gas, and light tight oil.

        Featured solutions

        Petroleum Asset eXcellence

        Helps clients unlock the full value of their oil and gas assets in a sustainable way using a combination of deep industry expertise and reliable, tested solutions.

        Energy Insights

        Helps energy companies manage uncertainty and improve performance through analysis, insights, and benchmarking.

        Featured insight


        Giants can dance: Agile organizations in asset-heavy industries

        – The agile revolution is sweeping across industries, and asset-heavy companies are taking note. We explore how and where they can capture the benefits of agility while preserving safety and assurance.

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        Blog Post

        McKinsey welcomes Westney Consulting, a leading capital-projects consultancy

        – The acquisition further helps us ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of our clients capital projects.

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