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      Insights on Paper, Forest Products & Packaging


      Packaging solutions: Poised to take off?

      – Major trends are reshaping packaging solutions—and that could open new opportunities for players that are prepared to move fast.

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      Pulp, paper, and packaging in the next decade: Transformational change

      – If you thought the paper industry was going to disappear, think again. Graphic papers are being squeezed by digitization, but... the paper and forest-products industry overall has major changes in store and exciting prospects for new growth.

      Winning with new models in packaging

      – The global packaging industry could change significantly by 2030. Here is what you need to know to stay competitive.

      Building a great data platform

      – Five insights into building a great data platform can help energy, chemical, utility, and basic-materials companies get it right.

      Precision forestry: A revolution in the woods

      – Advanced technologies could improve forest management significantly. What areas are most promising, and how can forestry companies... start their digital transformation?

      How the paper and forest-products industry thrives in the digital age

      – Digitization hasn’t spelled the end of paper and forest products, but it is requiring that leaders think differently about growth... opportunities.

      Finding the right digital balance in B2B customer experience

      – Growing numbers of B2B companies are focusing on digitization to succeed with customer-centric strategies. Here’s how to... get it right.

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