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      Our People

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      Chirag Adatia
      Partner, Gurugram
      Serves healthcare-service providers and medical-device players in our Gurugram office
      Ankur Agrawal
      Partner, New York
      Focuses on counseling healthcare systems and pharmaceutical and medical-device companies on strategy and corporate-finance issues
      Rafiq Ajani
      Partner, Waltham
      Leads the North America Knowledge Center in the United States and oversees teams in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Mexico as they deliver...
      Dr. Bj?rn Albrecht
      Partner, London
      Heads the McKinsey Cancer Center and leads our work on cancer globally, working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, health...
      Jan Ascher
      Senior Partner, Zurich
      Helps leading pharmaceutical companies develop corporate and business-unit strategies maximizing the commercial potential of their...
      Michael Balz
      Partner, New Jersey
      Advises companies in the animal health, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and vision care sectors on strategy, organization, marketing,...
      Axel Baur
      Senior Partner, Hong Kong
      Supports healthcare companies to develop global strategies and operating models
      Vikas Bhadoria
      Senior Partner, Gurugram
      Leads the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products (PMP) Practice for India and the PMP Operations Practice in Asia. Has deep expertise...
      Satty Bhens
      Digital Partner, New York
      A leader of Digital Labs, helps clients implement technology practices that accelerate how the business delivers value
      Stefan Biesdorf
      Partner, Munich
      Serves clients from the healthcare sector on IT and technology-related projects as a member of the McKinsey Digital Practice
      Clay Bischoff
      Partner, Tokyo
      Advises executives in the healthcare and private-equity sectors, drawing on expertise in strategy, finance, and mergers and acquisitions
      Laura Blumenfeld
      Partner, London
      Advises on organizational, talent, and commercial issues, including transactions, merger management, carve-outs, new business...
      Oscar Boldt-Christmas
      Senior Partner, Gothenburg
      Works with providers and health-system leaders on financial performance, cost-focused initiatives, merger management, and service...
      Kenneth Bonheure
      Senior Partner, Antwerp
      Advises leaders across industries on mergers and other organization-shaping transactions, and leads strategy development and large-scale...
      Laura Bremme
      Partner, Zurich
      Advises senior executives in leading pharmaceutical and generics companies on strategic, commercial, and operational topics
      Bede Broome
      Partner, Southern California
      Helps healthcare leaders tackle complex challenges, including turning around underperforming assets, improving operations, and...
      Siddhartha Chadha
      Partner, New York
      Advises and serves medical-device and pharmaceutical companies on growth strategies, performance transformation, and at-scale...
      David Champagne
      Partner, London
      Serves global pharmaceutical clients with their digital and analytics transformations as a member of the McKinsey Digital Practice
      Raymond Chan
      Co-managing Partner, Kansai
      Brings a global perspective to pharmaceutical and medical-device companies, promoting growth by optimizing product portfolios,...
      Michael Conway
      Senior Partner, Philadelphia
      Leads our global work in international development, public health, and biopharmaceuticals, helping leading organizations in public,...
      Karsten Dalgaard
      Partner, Stockholm
      Advises pharmaceutical and medical-products companies on performance-transformation, productivity, growth-strategy, and commercial-excellence...
      Ruth De Backer
      Partner, New York
      Advises executives on challenges at the intersection of healthcare and finance; helps pharmaceutical and medical-product companies...
      Enno de Boer
      Partner, New Jersey
      Leads the firm’s global work in digital manufacturing and collaboration with the World Economic Forum on technology adoption
      Hortense de la Boutetière
      Senior Partner, Paris
      Leads performance transformations in the energy, industry, and healthcare sectors; guides culture change; and advises executives...
      Thibaut Dedeurwaerder
      Partner, Brussels
      Helps clients pursue excellence in manufacturing operations, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
      Martin Dewhurst
      Senior Partner, London
      Brings over 25 years of experience helping pharmaceutical, medtech, and consumer companies to develop growth strategies and drive...
      Ajay Dhankhar
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Spurs organizations to greater R&D productivity and value creation; experienced in value-creating mergers, acquisitions and joint...
      Kevin Dolan
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Guides efforts to transform performance and cost structures within business functions, establishing greater organizational alignment...
      Anna Draganova
      Partner, Southern California
      Advises pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies as they set brand and market strategy, purse cost effectiveness, and seek...
      Sherina Ebrahim
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Helps consumer goods and medical device companies grow through transformative approaches to strategy, sales and marketing, enterprise...
      Martin Elling
      Senior Partner, Bangkok
      Partners with clients across geographies and industries to build organizations that achieve distinctive performance through cutting-edge...
      Tatiana Elphimova
      Senior Partner, New York
      Leads McKinsey’s work in healthcare in the Northeast United States, partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies on enterprise-wide...
      Matthias Evers
      Senior Partner, Hamburg
      Helps research and development organizations increase productivity through large-scale performance transformations, innovation...
      Edd Fleming
      Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
      Leverages medical training to help pharmaceutical firms plan and execute growth strategies, improve R&D productivity, and optimize...
      Brian Fox
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Guides healthcare companies as they seek ways to improve profitability and grow, often through innovative product launch, marketing,...
      Tracy Francis
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Leads our consumer packaged goods and retail work in Latin America, helping leading consumer-focused companies drive transformations,...
      Ted Fuhr
      Partner, New Jersey
      Leads our global quality, compliance, and remediation work and advises global medical product and pharmaceutical companies on...
      Dr. Laura Furstenthal
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Serves healthcare clients globally as well as not-for-profit organizations, governments, and Nobel laureates, guiding innovation...
      Neha Gargi
      Partner, Chicago
      Supports healthcare stakeholders on projects ranging from end-to-end operations digitization, and consumer journeys to strategy...
      Katy George
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Leads the Operations Practice in North America, is a co-convener of the practice globally, and is a member of McKinsey’s the Shareholders...
      Simon Goeller
      Partner, Munich
      Brings deep expertise in generics to help pharmaceutical clients drive marketing & sales performance and improve market access
      Ajay Gupta
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Brings more than 25 years of experience advising pharmaceutical, medical-technology, and other healthcare leaders on strategy,...
      Shivanshu Gupta
      Senior Partner, Bangalore
      Leads McKinsey’s Advanced Industries in India, and is a leader in our global Operations and Advanced Industries Practices
      Judith Hazlewood
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Brings more than 25 years’ experience advising healthcare and pharmaceutical company executives as they set strategy, pursue organizational...
      Maia Hansen
      Senior Partner, Cleveland
      Advises consumer-packaged-goods and healthcare companies and brings extensive expertise in supply-chain optimization, performance...
      Steffen Hehner
      Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
      Leverages background in immunology and long-standing experience in serving health systems and biopharma companies to help clients...
      Jake Henry
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Leads McKinsey’s global work in medtech, and serves leading medical technology companies as they set strategy, pursue growth opportunities,...
      Tania Holt
      Partner, London
      Leads McKinsey’s Healthcare work across Africa. Advises governments, development agencies, philanthropists, and private sector...
      Tina Hou
      Partner, Shanghai
      Leads new product launch, commercial model innovation, and data and analytics for biotechnology and big pharmaceutical companies...
      Vivian Hunt DBE
      Managing Partner, UK and Ireland, London
      Leads our offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland; advises leading companies on a broad range of strategic topics, with a particular...
      Ian Jefferson
      Senior Partner, Washington DC
      Serves healthcare clients across the value chain and helps complex organizations undergo postmerger integrations, culture-change...
      Basel Kayyali
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Leads the Healthcare Systems & Services Practice globally and McKinsey Digital in the mid-Atlantic, assisting healthcare, high-tech,...
      David Keeling
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Advises global leaders in the biopharmaceutical and medical products industries as they seek to enhance overall supply chain performance
      Jennifer Kilian
      Digital Partner, New York
      Combines creative vision with compelling design to drive innovation and reinvent how businesses engage with customers
      Minyoung Kim
      Partner, Tokyo
      Brings global insight to healthcare and technology organizations, having served multinational and local companies in Japan, Korea,...
      Gautam Kumra
      Senior Partner, Gurugram
      Managing Director of McKinsey India. Founder of the McKinsey Leadership Institute. Has helped several major Indian companies to...
      Tasuku Kuwabara
      Senior Partner, Tokyo
      Brings industry expertise to support healthcare products and services companies design and implement global growth strategies...
      Laurie Lanoue
      Partner, Montréal
      Advises companies on successfully leading major transformation programs at scale, with a focus on operations, manufacturing, and...
      Olivier Leclerc
      Senior Partner, Southern California
      Serves a large range of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-products clients, from multibillion-dollar corporations to pre-IPO...
      Franck Le Deu
      Senior Partner, Hong Kong
      Helps healthcare multinationals capture opportunities in China, Asia, and emerging markets, with a focus on improving commercial...
      Jeffrey Lewis
      Partner, New Jersey
      Designs and leads at-scale digital, analytics, and core technology transformations in healthcare to unlock agility, innovation,...
      Robert E. Lewis
      Senior Partner, Southern California
      Leads large-scale performance improvement and operational excellence programs for industrial and basic materials companies, and...
      Alex Liu
      Partner, Minneapolis
      Works closely with senior leadership teams on large-scale mergers and brings expertise in realizing revenue-based synergies
      Chris Llewellyn
      Senior Partner, London
      Advises senior leaders as they transform their performance and seek new sources of strategic growth
      Martin L?sch
      Senior Partner, Stuttgart
      Helps leading pharmaceutical companies define strategy and goals and improve performance by transforming processes
      Evgeniya Makarova
      Partner, Chicago
      Serves pharmaceutical, medical-device, and consumer companies as well as regulators on operational improvement, transformation,...
      Aamir Malik
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Develops growth strategies, guides M&A, and implements large-scale programs to transform performance for pharmaceutical companies
      Dana Maor
      Senior Partner, Tel Aviv
      Leads McKinsey’s Israel office, as well as our work on transformational change across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Passionate...
      Martin M?ller
      Senior Partner, Copenhagen
      Helps pharmaceutical and biotech clients identify strategic and operational opportunities for growth and innovation and supports...
      Dr. Imraan Munshi
      Partner, Dubai
      Advises clients on a range of healthcare-sector projects, including working with ministries of health on public-hospital performance...
      Kenji Nabeshima
      Partner, Tokyo
      Supports clients in the advanced-industries and healthcare sectors through the corporate-transformation process, leads McKinsey’s...
      Delphine Nain Zurkiya
      Partner, Boston
      Counsels leading pharmaceutical and medical-device companies on strategy, R&D, and marketing
      Patrick Neise
      Partner, Stamford
      Advises energy & materials and pharmaceutical clients on operational productivity—helping to design and lead successful...
      Doan Nguyen Hansen
      Partner, Singapore
      Leads McKinsey’s chemicals and agriculture work in Southeast Asia, advising public- and private-sector clients on strategy, economic...
      Georg Nederegger
      Senior Partner, Munich
      Works with healthcare organizations—including several of the largest payors in Europe—on a broad range of projects in strategy,...
      Thomas Nilsson
      Partner, Stockholm
      Delivers impactful, user-centric product, service, and digital-design expertise across healthcare, specifically within medical-device...
      Daisuke Nozaki
      Partner, Tokyo
      Supports clients primarily on large-scale transformations, working side by side with the client’s leadership; advises on strategy...
      Sean O'Connell
      Partner, New York
      Helps international healthcare systems, branded generics in pharmaceuticals, strategy, and corporate finance.
      Rajesh Parekh
      Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
      Works with firms across the healthcare industry to expand their business, with a particular focus on entering and understanding...
      Brandon Parry
      Partner, Washington DC
      Expert in biopharma research and development, serving a wide range of public- and private-sector clients on pivotal strategic,...
      Jean-Baptiste Pelletier
      Partner, Lyon
      Jean-Baptiste Pelletier advises global leaders in the pharmaceutical and process-industry sectors on their operational transformation....
      Gerti Pellumbi
      Partner, Washington DC
      Advises medical device, specialty pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical services companies across strategic, operational, organizational,...
      Lucy Pérez
      Partner, Boston
      Advises pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-product companies and healthcare providers as they address strategic, organizational,...
      Nils Peters
      Partner, Zurich
      Supports pharma and medical device companies with a broad range of challenges, from developing portfolio strategies and analytics...
      Peter Pfeiffer
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Advises top pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies as they pursue strategic and operational objectives in research...
      Gary Pinkus
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Chairman of North America and a global leader in private equity and investment, with deep roots in healthcare
      David Quigley
      Senior Partner, New York
      Advises healthcare clients on commercial performance, corporate strategy—including mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures—and...
      Paula Ramos
      Partner, New Jersey
      Offers strategic guidance to pharmaceutical executives looking for new sources of growth and stronger commercial performance
      Michele Raviscioni
      Senior Partner, Tokyo
      Leads McKinsey's healthcare sector in Japan and is a member of the Asia leadership team, coordinating McKinsey's activity in the...
      Bryan Reinholt
      Partner, Philadelphia
      Focuses primarily on large-scale transformations, M&A, and commercial issues, including commercial model redesigns, productivity...
      Gérard Richter
      Senior Partner, Frankfurt
      Leader of McKinsey Digital in Germany. Drives strategy and technology-enabled transformation programs across industries.
      Thomas Rudolph
      Senior Partner, Stuttgart
      Advises pharmaceutical and medical-technology companies to help them achieve sustainable success and works closely with private-equity...
      Adam Sabow
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Works with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, global health institutions, and not for profits to support commercial...
      Jorge Santos da Silva
      Partner, Zurich
      Counsels biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies in mature and emerging markets on strategy, operating models,...
      G?khan Sari
      Senior Partner, Istanbul
      Leads our Financial Services and Risk Practices in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East
      Valentina Sartori
      Partner, Zurich
      Offers distinctive expertise in pharma R&D, helping clients to transform their organization, harness external innovation, and...
      Max Schlichter
      Partner, London
      Designs and leads supply-chain transformations for pharmaceutical, consumer-goods, agriculture, and chemical clients
      Gayatri Shenai
      Partner, Atlanta
      Brings technology strategy and solutions to help companies transform operational performance and improve their competitive position
      Ben Sheppard
      Partner, London
      Leads McKinsey & Company’s Product Development and Design practices in the United Kingdom. Advises clients on developing bold,...
      Michael Silber
      Senior Partner, New York
      Helps global pharmaceutical and medical-products companies develop growth strategies and realize organizational and operational...
      Tobias Silberzahn
      Partner, Berlin
      Serves medical device and pharmaceutical companies as well as digital-healthcare start-ups and is a leader in the Pharmaceutical...
      Jonathan Silver
      Partner, New York
      Helps companies drive performance through transformation of their support functions and global shared services
      Navjot Singh
      Senior Partner, Boston
      Drives innovation at the intersection of science, engineering, medicine, business, and government. Combines expertise in strategy,...
      David Speiser
      Partner, Zurich
      Leads McKinsey Academy’s Executive Programs and advises senior executives of leading pharmaceutical, medical device, basic materials,...
      Ramesh Srinivasan
      Senior Partner, New York
      Coleads the Pharmaceutical & Medical Products and Organization Practices, is the dean of our CEO learning program, the Bower Forum,...
      Michael Steinmann
      Senior Partner, Zurich
      Focuses on helping organizations connect their R&D and commercial operations to achieve excellence in product development and...
      Jennifer Stanley
      Partner, Boston
      Deep expertise in B2B go-to-market strategy, transformation, sales force effectiveness, value selling, and pricing
      Akira Sugahara
      Senior Partner, Tokyo
      Collaborates with clients in consumer-facing industries to improve product-innovation processes as well as sales-force and marketing...
      Brindan Suresh
      Partner, London
      Leads McKinsey’s Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland with expertise across the value...
      Yael Taqqu
      Senior Partner, New York
      Drives innovation and go-to-market performance for leading companies in the telecommunications, technology, consumer, and media...
      Shail Thaker
      Senior Partner, London
      Leads McKinsey’s Northern European hub of the Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice and the firm’s global healthcare organisation...
      Ali Ustun
      Partner, Istanbul
      Supports public, social, and healthcare clients on a broad range of strategic, development, and organizational issues
      Lieven Van der Veken
      Senior Partner, Geneva
      Draws on his professional background in neuroscience to help pharmaceutical companies and public health organizations with challenges...
      Steve Van Kuiken
      Senior Partner, New Jersey
      Brings technology solutions to help healthcare companies transform operational performance and increase market responsiveness
      Mieke Van Oostende
      Senior Partner, Antwerp
      Serves clients in the financial-services sector, particularly on strategy, organization, and risk management, with a global reputation...
      Florian Weig
      Senior Partner, Munich
      Uses his expertise in operational improvement and product development to advise industrial clients—from semiconductor manufacturers...
      Andy West
      Senior Partner, Boston
      Brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver growth through effective integration and new structures...
      Yukako Yokota
      Partner, Tokyo
      Utilizes her passion for healthcare R&D to help global and local clients develop innovations and use the right strategies to bring...
      Gaobo Zhou
      Partner, Hong Kong
      Advises pharmaceutical and medical-product company leaders as they seek new opportunities and transform their commercial operations.
      Alexandra Zemp
      Partner, Zurich
      Focuses on supporting biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare organizations on accelerating performance across the entire...
      Christian Zerbi
      Partner, London
      Leads McKinsey’s medtech work across Europe and serves medical-device clients on strategy, commercial excellence, and transformation...