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        Public Sector

        Improving the lives of citizens worldwide

        Government Transitions

        McKinsey helps new leaders with effective government-transition planning as they prepare to take office, tackle the highest priorities, and improve the lives of their constituents.

        International Development

        McKinsey brings fresh perspectives, analytical rigor, and innovative solutions to bear on the most urgent and complex issues in international development today. Working across all sectors, functions, and regions, we help government leaders and donor organizations to shape development programs that deliver tangible results quickly and improve the lives of millions.

        McKinsey Center for Government

        The McKinsey Center for Government is a new global hub for research, collaboration, and innovation in government performance.

        Featured insight


        Measuring the state of US states

        – New research compares economic and social conditions in US states—and highlights opportunities for government leaders to help make improvements.

        Our people

        David Fine

        Senior Partner, London
        Leads McKinsey’s global Public and Social Sector Practices, with deep commitment to strengthening public services and expanding employment worldwide

        Tom Dohrmann

        Senior Partner, Washington DC
        Leads large-scale organizational transformations and operations improvement for federal-, state-, and local-government clients

        Diaan-Yi Lin

        Senior Partner, Singapore
        Helps Asian government entities and companies design and implement major performance-transformation and economic-development programs

        Andres Cadena

        Senior Partner, Bogotá
        Champions Latin America’s economic development and applies financial and strategic expertise in work with the region’s public and...

        Viktor Hediger

        Senior Partner, Dubai
        Serves a variety of healthcare clients, including public and private payors, with a focus on establishing healthcare payors and healthy systems...

        Impact stories

        A defense agency strengthens its governance and performance management

        To ensure successful execution of its five-year strategy, a US defense agency designed and developed a new governance structure... and performance-management system.

        A European defense ministry revamps its logistics strategy and operations

        With a streamlined end-to-end logistics process, a defense ministry reduced costs without sacrificing the quality of its armed... forces’ operational capabilities.

        A hospital system improves both patient care and employee satisfaction

        New quality and efficiency standards made measurable differences in patient outcomes and nursing-staff morale across a national... military hospital network.

        A large US agency rallies employees around a new strategic plan

        In the process of developing a new strategic plan, a government agency unified a fragmented organization and reenergized its teams.

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