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      Retail Insights


      Automation in retail: An executive overview for getting ready

      – Automation will reshape retail business models and the broader value chain, creating organizations with fewer layers and a better trained and trusted workforce empowered by real-time data and analytics. The winners in the sector will be those who understand these implications and act quickly to address them.

      China digital consumer trends in 2019

      – New research from a survey of 4,300 Chinese consumers suggests a path forward for brands and marketers seeking the next wave of... growth.

      How to untap the full potential: An integrated—not isolated—view on cost

      – Consumer-goods corporations have already turned the screws on costs. To capture further potential, they need to adopt cross-functional... approaches.
      Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

      Speak softly, make tough decisions: An interview with Alibaba Group chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang

      – The chairman and CEO of China’s e-commerce giant describes Alibaba’s approach to innovation and how he balances analytics... and instinct to push himself to spot hidden opportunities.

      The invisible hand: On the path to autonomous planning in food retail

      – It’s not news to food retailers: sometimes your stocks are too high, sometimes they’re too low. Advanced planning... now gives them entirely new options for solving the expensive problem—and cuts costs in the process.

      Featured insights


      Perspectives on retail and consumer goods, Number 7

      – The seventh edition offers some of our latest thinking on the trends and disruptions reshaping the consumer sector.

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      More insights


      Five insights into the views and behaviors of the US dairy consumer

      – Dairy companies that can tailor their product offerings to the evolving tastes of consumers will be better positioned for growth.

      When you pick that pre-worn jacket, the environment wins too

      – Andy Ruben of Yerdle draws on his experience in sustainability to discuss how companies can enter—and thrive in—the... circular economy.

      An incredible year for Impossible Foods

      – CFO David Lee believes the company’s continued success will depend heavily on its ability to create many more “craveable” products... and to maintain its corporate culture.

      Rethinking procurement in retail

      – For retailers, procurement is no longer solely a matter of negotiating “A” brands. Private labels and verticalization... are trending. Advanced approaches and tools help get procurement in shape for the future.

      Alternative proteins: The race for market share is on

      – Consumer interest in non-meat-based protein options is increasing globally. Food industry players that want to capture the opportunity... must understand the evolving market dynamics and where to place their bets.

      Next-generation supply chain—transforming your supply chain operating model for a digital world

      – In a digital age, most supply chains run on old principles and processes. A few leaders can show us how a new operating model... can answer the demands of today—and tomorrow.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      The Chinese luxury consumer

      – If you’re in luxury goods and services, China is the story.

      Ready to ‘where’: Getting sharp on apparel omnichannel excellence

      – Brands and retailers are moving quickly to provide more seamless omnichannel shopping experiences—but your customers are... moving faster.

      Retail ghost town

      – The decline in the need for space in Australian traditional brick and mortar retail calls for a survival plan.

      Prime Day and the broad reach of Amazon’s ecosystem

      – Amazon’s Prime Day successes go way beyond sales. Retailers can learn from Amazon’s focus on leveraging and building... out its ecosystem.

      Auchan China’s chairman on the future of grocery

      – Ludovic Holinier, executive chairman of Auchan Retail China, reflects on his two-year stint as CEO of China’s largest hypermarket... chain and shares his views on what lies ahead for food retailers.
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