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        Our People

        Global leader

        Greg Kelly

        Senior Partner, Atlanta
        Leads the Consumer Packaged Goods Practice globally and works with apparel, consumer goods, and retail companies, as well as restaurants, on...

        Regional leaders

        Pavlos Exarchos

        Senior Partner, London
        Leads our work with retail and consumer goods companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, helping clients build world-class commercial capabilities...

        Tracy Francis

        Senior Partner, S?o Paulo
        Leads our consumer packaged goods and retail work in Latin America, helping leading consumer-focused companies drive transformations, and the...

        Sajal Kohli

        Senior Partner, Chicago
        Leads the Retail Practice in the Americas guiding digital, omnichannel, and operational transformation for retailers globally

        J?rn Küpper

        Senior Partner, Cologne
        Leads our Western European Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices, implementing winning strategies and supporting organizational structures...

        Paul McInerney

        Senior Partner, Tokyo
        Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to leading consumer packaged goods and retail companies

        Our people

        Antonio Achille

        Senior Partner, Milan
        Advises clients across the consumer and luxury sectors on a broad range of issues, including corporate strategy, growth acceleration, organization...

        Praveen Adhi

        Partner, Chicago
        Transforms retail-store operations, supply chains, and procurement processes through an approach grounded in advanced analytics

        Gemma D’Auria

        Senior Partner, Dubai
        Supports organizations to build capabilities, develop leaders, and drive culture transformations in support of stronger financial performance...

        Anita Balchandani

        Partner, London
        Leads our apparel, fashion, and luxury work, with deep expertise in multichannel and digital transformation

        Anders B?rlund

        Partner, Manila
        Leads our retail commercial transformation work in Asia-Pacific and advises on marketing and sales issues as well as broad transformation programs,...

        Klaus Behrenbeck

        Senior Partner, Cologne
        Helps retail- and consumer-facing clients achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence

        Achim Berg

        Senior Partner, Frankfurt
        Advises global apparel, fashion, and luxury clients on strategy, operations, and marketing, helping executives design and execute transformational...

        Ilke Bigan

        Partner, Istanbul
        Helps consumer-facing companies, particularly in telecommunications, media, packaged goods, and retail, set strategy and boost performance while...

        Wojtek Bogdan

        Senior Expert, Warsaw
        Leads our Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in Central and Eastern Europe and advises consumer-goods companies and retailers as they...

        Danielle Bozarth

        Senior Partner, New Jersey
        Brings extensive experience in serving consumer-goods, retail, and consumer-focused private-equity clients on transformations, strategic transactions...

        Raphael Buck

        Senior Partner, Zurich
        Supports consumer goods and retail companies with strategy, organization, and marketing and sales

        Nicola Calicchio

        Senior Partner, S?o Paulo
        Advises retailers, consumer goods companies, and other leading organizations as they transform operational performance and achieve sustained...

        Philip Christiani

        Senior Partner, Copenhagen
        Advises consumer, retail, and private-equity clients as they set strategy and seek to improve performance to stay ahead of customer needs and...

        Becca Coggins

        Senior Partner, Chicago
        Advises retail and hospitality clients on transforming their performance, health, and capabilities

        Jean-Baptiste Coumau

        Partner, Tokyo
        Brings a passion for growth through marketing transformation, creative excellence, and innovation to clients in consumer goods, automotive, cosmetics,...

        Biljana Cvetanovski

        Senior Expert, London
        Advises consumer-facing clients on marketing strategy and growth with deep expertise in how to deliver sustainable growth through building a...

        Sandrine Devillard

        Senior Partner, Montréal
        Leads McKinsey's European consumer and retail sectors with a focus on consumer goods, apparel, fashion and luxury, and commercial real-estate...

        Karel D?rner

        Senior Partner, Munich
        Uses his extensive experience in digital transformation, digital marketing, multichannel technology, and e-commerce to help retail and consumer-goods...

        Jayne Eastman

        Partner, Charlotte
        Creates transformational growth opportunities for global consumer-packaged-goods companies through strategic and creatively applied marketing

        Tomohiko Funaishi

        Partner, Tokyo
        Supports retail, consumer-packaged-goods, and retail-banking industries across strategy, operations, marketing, and organization projects in...

        Christoph Glatzel

        Senior Partner, Cologne
        Works globally with business-to-consumer clients, including consumer-goods and retail companies, on transforming performance by focusing on operations,...

        Brian Gregg

        Senior Partner, San Francisco
        Enables clients to achieve above-market growth by combining advanced analytics, consumer insights, and agile operating models to power commercial...

        Pedro Guimar?es

        Partner, S?o Paulo
        Brings extensive experience in growth transformations to consumer-packaged-goods and retail companies

        Bryan Hancock

        Partner, Washington DC
        Supports private, public, and social sector clients through expertise in talent management, organizational design, and workforce development

        Brian Henstorf

        Partner, Dallas
        Helps consumer packaged goods and retail sector executives pursue sustainable growth

        Miriam Lobis

        Partner, Berlin
        Guides consumer-goods clients and retailers on developing their operating model and incorporating new consumer demands, digital, analytics, and...

        Rogerio Hirose

        Partner, S?o Paulo
        Guides strategy, growth, and transformation initiatives for consumer-goods companies and retailers in Latin America and for global companies...

        Fernanda Hoefel

        Partner, S?o Paulo
        Member of the consumer group in Latin America, working with retail and consumer clients, and shopping malls, to drive value creation through...

        Steve Hoffman

        Partner, Chicago
        Specializes in driving performance for consumer clients with a focus on procurement, omnichannel fulfillment, and operations-strategy issues

        Jess Huang

        Partner, Silicon Valley
        Helps consumer-facing companies grow and thrive in an ever-evolving and demanding consumer landscape through expertise in customer analytics,...

        Marcus Jacob

        Partner, Berlin
        Advises retail and consumer-packaged-goods companies across Europe on a variety of strategy and corporate finance initiatives, including strategy...

        Matt Jochim

        Partner, London
        Serves consumer-packaged-goods and retail clients on issues, such as the optimization of selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses;...

        Hyejin Kang

        Partner, Seoul
        Brings deep expertise in corporate governance, organizational design, cross-border strategy alliances, M&A, and post-merger management

        Tom Kilroy

        Senior Partner, Chicago
        Leads our retail commercial transformation work in North America, serving retail and consumer-goods clients on growth strategy, digital, merchandising,...

        Aimee Kim

        Senior Partner, Seoul
        Leads our Marketing & Sales Practice in Asia, the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in Korea and Japan, and is the regional leader...

        Udo Kopka

        Senior Partner, Hamburg
        Helps global consumer-goods and retail clients with growth strategy, organization, and operations transformations

        Mathias Kullmann

        Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
        Brings extensive experience in commercial transformation, digital marketing, and advanced analytics to retail, consumer, and B2C companies

        Franck Laizet

        Senior Partner, Paris
        Leads performance transformation programs in the retail and consumer goods industries in Europe

        Max Magni

        Senior Partner, New Jersey
        Advises leading multinational consumer-goods companies as they seek growth and performance across borders; brings deep expertise in consumer...

        Clarisse Magnin-Mallez

        Senior Partner, Paris
        Leads the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in EMEA, coleads the Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice in these industries...

        Eduardo Malpica

        Partner, Mexico City
        Leads our Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in Mexico and helps major consumer companies and retailers drive growth, strengthen brands,...

        Audrey Manacek

        Senior Partner, Minneapolis
        Serves clients on a variety of growth topics across a broad set of consumer-facing industries, including leading consumer-goods, retail, telecommunication,...

        Sophie Marchessou

        Partner, New Jersey
        Helps retailers and consumer-goods companies improve performance through strong strategy, sustained growth, effective marketing and sales, and...

        Camilo Martins

        Partner, S?o Paulo
        Brings operations expertise to Latin American consumer companies, helping executives transform their procurement, manufacturing, and supply-chain...

        Helen Mayhew

        Partner, London
        Advises leaders in the public and private sectors, employing analytics as a tool to improve organisational performance—ensuring relevance and...

        Massimo Mazza

        Senior Partner, S?o Paulo
        Advises consumer-goods and retail companies across emerging markets on large-scale, profound, and sustainable transformations, with extensive...

        Paul McInerney

        Senior Partner, Tokyo
        Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to leading consumer packaged goods and retail companies

        Duncan Miller

        Senior Partner, Atlanta
        Leads commercial transformations at consumer companies to drive both topline growth and margin expansion, and oversees our consumer practice...

        Arnaud Minvielle

        Senior Partner, Paris
        Leader of the Private Equity Practice in France, leads our commercial and advanced analytics work in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East for...

        Jessica Moulton

        Senior Partner, London
        Helps multinational consumer-packaged-goods, retail, and food-service companies pursue strategic growth opportunities and strengthen their operating...

        Steve Noble

        Partner, Minneapolis
        With a focus on driving broad-based performance transformation for retailers, brings hands-on private-equity experience to identify and unlock...

        Althea Peng

        Partner, San Francisco
        Advises apparel and retail companies as they set new strategies and pursue large-scale transformations for profitability and growth

        Jesko Perrey

        Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
        Helps clients deliver above-market growth by transforming their marketing and sales capabilities. Leads our Marketing and Sales Practice globally

        Felix Poh

        Partner, Shanghai
        Leads consumer marketing and sales for Asia, advising consumer and retail companies seeking growth and performance within and across borders,...

        Rohit Razdan

        Senior Partner, Singapore
        Advises consumer and retail clients on a broad range of issues related to growth strategy, market entry, product innovation, digital transformation,...

        Daniel Rexhausen

        Partner, Stuttgart
        Serves a broad range of retail, consumer goods, logistics, and healthcare clients with a focus on operations issues

        Bill Russo

        Senior Partner, Mexico City
        Works closely with retail and consumer goods companies across the globe to develop growth strategies and transform operations.

        Brian Ruwadi

        Senior Partner, Cleveland
        Advises leading retailers on large-scale performance transformations that drive growth and boost financial performance, ranging from advanced-analytics...

        Frank S?nger

        Senior Partner, Cologne
        As managing partner of our Cologne office, leads our retail-operations group globally and helps retail and consumer-goods companies as well as...

        Akira Shiratori

        Partner, Tokyo
        Helps clients with corporate-wide large-scale business transformation, as a leader of our RTS practice in Japan, by leveraging his deep experience...

        Virginia Simmons

        Senior Partner, Chicago
        Managing partner of McKinsey's US Midwest offices; brings deep experience in supporting retailers, banks, and other customer-facing firms to...

        Kate Smaje

        Senior Partner, London
        As the global leader of McKinsey Digital, serves consumer-facing companies on digitally enabled strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational...

        Kevin Sneader

        Global Managing Partner, Hong Kong
        Serves as the global managing partner of McKinsey & Company

        Jennifer Spaulding Schmidt

        Senior Partner, Minneapolis
        Increases the competitiveness and profitability of retailers and consumer companies by leading large transformation programs and strategic growth...

        Dennis Spillecke

        Senior Partner, Cologne
        Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe and helps clients to run customer-centric transformations, build marketing analytics...

        Hans-Martin Stockmeier

        Senior Partner, Dubai
        Leverages deep expertise to help financial institutions, family-owned businesses, and clients in consumer-facing industries transform performance,...

        Fábio Stul

        Senior Partner, S?o Paulo
        Guides transformation programs, as well as growth and value-creation efforts for national and multinational consumer-packaged-goods companies...

        Alexander Sukharevsky

        Senior Partner, Moscow
        Leads McKinsey Digital and our commercial work in Africa, the CIS, the Middle East, and Turkey, shaping commercial and digital transformations...

        John Tiefel

        Senior Partner, Zurich
        Helps leading consumer, retail, and telecommunications companies transform their organization, push growth, and achieve higher EBITDA results

        Kelly Ungerman

        Senior Partner, Dallas
        Transforms sales and marketing organizations for retail and consumer packaged goods clients, finding the potential for long-term growth

        Tobias Wachinger

        Senior Partner, Munich
        Leader of our Retail Practice in EMEA, helping retailers across a wide range of topics, including growth strategy, format renewal, and commercial...

        Kristi Klitsch Weaver

        Senior Partner, Chicago
        Advises consumer-packaged-goods and retail companies across a range of projects, from organizational productivity to strategic growth and category...

        Anja Weissgerber

        Director of Practice Operations, Berlin
        Brings a broad understanding of the consumer-packaged-goods and retail industries, and manages internal strategy and operations, client-service...

        Jan Wüllenweber

        Senior Partner, Cologne
        Advises consumer and advanced industry clients on operations-related challenges, including IoT, procurement transformations, cost optimization,...

        Stefano Zerbi

        Partner, Milan
        Leads our work around commercial transformation in the Retail Practice in Europe and has vast experience in driving growth via commercial levers...

        Daniel Zipser

        Senior Partner, Shenzhen
        Advises Asian and multinational, consumer, retail and apparel companies on growth and performance, bringing deep expertise specifically on the...

        Dev Vardhan

        Senior Partner, Chicago
        Serves technology and consumer-packaged-goods clients on transformational topics, including portfolio strategy, operational excellence, go-to-market...

        Dymfke Kuijpers

        Senior Partner, Singapore
        Leads McKinsey's grocery work globally, helps consumer goods and retail companies shape and implement strategies for profitable growth, and actively...

        Akira Sugahara

        Senior Partner, Tokyo
        Collaborates with clients in consumer-facing industries to improve product-innovation processes as well as sales-force and marketing effectiveness.

        Sha Sha

        Senior Partner, Hong Kong
        Leads high-impact digital and data-enabled transformation for consumer-facing industries—such as retail banking, automotive, and consumer goods—in...