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      Working across the industry to help clients reinvent and grow


      Capital Equipment Manufacturers

      Capital equipment companies provide the tools that power the semiconductors industry’s manufacturing branch. We help them define... the innovation roadmaps, product development processes, and sourcing and manufacturing excellence that keep them on the leading edge.


      Fabless companies have a special set of challenges to address, beyond reference designs and relationships with foundries. We help... them develop efficient manufacturing strategies, sharp brand positioning, and targeted investment strategies.


      Foundries provide the state-of-the-art manufacturing services that power a vast array of high tech devices. Our specialists combine... technical expertise drawn from working on fab floors with rigorous business training to help foundries improve productivity, reduce costs and decrease complexity.

      Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs)

      Integrated device manufacturers face challenges in R&D, budgeting, and product development. We help them reduce costs, run efficient... manufacturing plants, and develop sharp go-to-market strategies.

      Our people

      Harald Bauer

      Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt
      Advises semiconductor and high-tech clients on matters of strategy, operations, and performance transformation

      Nick Santhanam

      Senior Partner, Americas Practice Leader, Silicon Valley
      Specializes in helping high-tech, semiconductor, industrial, and private-equity clients tackle operational and strategic challenges

      Bill Wiseman

      Senior Partner, Seattle
      Client service innovator that brings new management science to technology and industrial clients

      Featured capability


      Optimize your R&D productivity with Numetrics


      Connect with our Semiconductors Practice