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      Insights on Semiconductors


      Reducing indirect labor costs at semiconductor companies

      – Digital tools could bring new productivity and efficiency gains to indirect functions. Why do semiconductor companies hesitate to use them?

      Artificial-intelligence hardware: New opportunities for semiconductor companies

      – Artificial intelligence is opening the best opportunities for semiconductor companies in decades. How can they capture this value?

      How will changes in the automotive-component market affect semiconductor companies?

      – The rise of domain control units (DCUs) will open new opportunities for semiconductor companies.

      Automotive software and electrical/electronic architecture: Implications for OEMs

      – Companies must navigate issues around strategy and technology, processes, and organization to keep up as software and electrical/electronic... architecture grow more important to mobility.

      Blockchain 2.0: What’s in store for the two ends—semiconductors (suppliers) and industrials (consumers)?

      – Ten years after blockchain’s inception, it is presenting new opportunities for both suppliers, such as semiconductor companies,... and consumers, such as industrials.



      Tech-enabled transformation: The trillion-dollar opportunity for industrials

      – Applying digital, analytics, and IoT technologies is worth over a trillion dollars of value for industrial companies. To capture... that value, however, industrial companies need to approach their transformations holistically, not in the piecemeal manner that we often see.

      McKinsey on Semiconductors, Issue 6

      It’s a time of change for the semiconductor industry. Will companies capture emerging opportunities and manage disruptions... in traditional markets like automotive? Can they use advanced analytics or new approaches to manufacturing to remain competitive as margin pressures increase? The articles in this issue directly address these questions and more.

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      Mapping the automotive software-and-electronics landscape through 2030

      – The market for automotive software and for electrical and electronic components is expected to grow strongly in the next decade.... What must companies know to succeed?

      Right product, right time, right location: Quantifying the semiconductor supply chain

      – Problems along the semiconductor supply chain are difficult to diagnose. A new metric can help companies pinpoint performance... issues.

      Taking the next leap forward in semiconductor yield improvement

      – By prioritizing improvements in end-to-end yield, semiconductor companies can better manage cost pressures and sustain higher... profitability. The path forward involves a shift in mind-sets as well as deployment of advanced-analytics solutions.

      Graphene: The next S-curve for semiconductors?

      – Slowing productivity improvements and rising costs for silicon have business leaders evaluating other materials.
      Article - McKinsey Quarterly

      How the semiconductor industry is taking charge of its transformation

      – Three snapshots demonstrate areas of change and opportunity.

      Security in the Internet of Things

      – Security issues may represent the greatest obstacle to growth of the Internet of Things. How can semiconductor companies help... resolve them?

      Mobility trends: What’s ahead for automotive semiconductors

      – New mobility trends are diversifying demand for automotive semiconductors. Here’s what companies need to know about new opportunities.

      Smartening up with artificial intelligence

      – How AI will transform Germany’s industrial sector.

      Reimagining fabs: Advanced analytics in semiconductor manufacturing

      – Fabs want to streamline the end-to-end process for designing and manufacturing semiconductors. Will innovative analytical tools... provide the solution they need?

      Moneyball for engineers: What the semiconductor industry can learn from sports

      – R&D leaders can boost productivity by using advanced analytics to create stronger, faster engineering teams.

      How semiconductor companies can win in China’s new product-development landscape

      – Product-design centers in China want to become stronger engines of global innovation. What does this mean for semiconductor suppliers?
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