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      Our People

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      Aaron Aboagye
      Partner, New Jersey
      Specializes in advising semiconductor and automotive companies on strategic and operational topics
      Gaurav Batra
      Partner, Washington DC
      Specializes in helping semiconductor, industrial, and high-tech clients tackle top-line and operational challenges
      Harald Bauer
      Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt
      Advises semiconductor and high-tech clients on matters of strategy, operations, and performance transformation
      Ondrej Burkacky
      Partner, Munich
      Uses his expertise in semiconductors, R&D and embedded software to advise clients on operational improvement, R&D, and software...
      Marc de Jong
      Partner, Amsterdam
      Leads McKinsey's Strategy & Trend Analysis Center; brings deep experience in research and development, growth strategy, and innovation,...
      Rebecca Doherty
      Partner, San Francisco
      Counsels semiconductor, high tech and healthcare executives on strategies for growth, M&A, and merger management, with extensive...
      Peter Kenevan
      Senior Partner, Tokyo
      Combines expertise in corporate finance, strategy, and operations in the industrial and technology sectors with hands-on executive...
      Siddarth Madhav
      Partner, Chicago
      Serves clients in the technology and semiconductor sectors on strategy and operations improvement, pricing and commercial excellence
      Abhijit Mahindroo
      Partner, Southern California
      Serves semiconductor, industrial, and automotive clients on a variety of strategy and operations issues
      Matteo Mancini
      Partner, Singapore
      Advises manufacturing and technology companies on a broad range of productivity improvement and cost-optimization programs
      Mark Patel
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Advises clients across sectors on IoT, analytics, and digital. with a specific focus on the industrial, high tech, and semiconductor...
      Nick Santhanam
      Senior Partner, Americas Practice Leader, Silicon Valley
      Specializes in helping high-tech, semiconductor, industrial, and private-equity clients tackle operational and strategic challenges
      Kushan Surana
      Partner, New York
      With a focus on commercial optimization through advanced analytics techniques, works with leading technology and telecommunications...
      Christopher Thomas
      Partner, Beijing
      Combines expertise in semiconductor strategy, product development and M&A with hands-on executive experience leading product divisions,...
      Jannick Thomsen
      Partner, New York
      Helps technology companies develop value-based plans for pursing M&A and other transactions—supporting growth and competitiveness
      Shekhar Varanasi
      Partner, Silicon Valley
      Advises clients in the industrial, technology, and semiconductor sectors on strategy, commercial excellence, and postmerger integration
      Rutger Vrijen
      Partner, Silicon Valley
      Serves semiconductor and other advanced-electronics clients on issues ranging from growth strategy and transformation to cross-border...
      Florian Weig
      Senior Partner, Munich
      Uses his expertise in operational improvement and product development to advise industrial clients—from semiconductor manufacturers...
      Bill Wiseman
      Senior Partner, Seattle
      Client service innovator that brings new management science to technology and industrial clients