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      Technology, Media & Telecommunications

      Navigating rapidly changing markets to promote innovation, capture new opportunities, and create value

      Technology, media, and telecommunications companies are at the heart of the digital economy—building the infrastructure and devices that connect people, businesses, and countries. Companies across these industries generate more economic profit than any other sector of the global economy, yet they are not shielded from the disruptions that they themselves create.
      We help technology, media, and telecommunications leaders create value in this rapidly changing market—to build internal capabilities, integrate digital and analytics tools into their organizations, and transform the ways in which they work to improve their business in substantial, sustainable ways.

      How we help clients

      Consumer Technology & Media

      Powering consumer growth and disruption

      Telecommunications Operators

      Integrating new tools and technologies to improve business outcomes

      Enterprise Software

      Accelerating growth amid a shifting industry landscape

      Digital IT Services

      Driving growth and competitiveness in the digital era

      Technology Infrastructure

      Attaining growth amid unprecedented disruption

      Startups & Venture Capital

      Accelerating the next generation of innovators


      of top 50 global telecom operators served


      of the top 10 technology providers served


      of the top 12 media & entertainment conglomerates served


      fast-growth startups served

      Impact stories

      Conducting an agile IT transformation

      A successful, end-to-end IT transformation simplified the customer experience, reduced the time to market, and improved efficiency.

      Validating 5G strategy through data analysis

      By analyzing diverse data sets, we helped create an integrated commercial and technical 5G strategy, revealing new opportunities to capture value.

      Simplifying the customer journey

      By simplifying, improving, and innovating digital services, we helped a mobile operator create a compelling customer experience that increased digital sales by 300 percent.

      Shifting software services to cloud and building new capabilities

      Learn how a global software company transitioned to the cloud, reskilled 40 percent of its workforce and reduced its cost base by 10 percent after two years.

      Featured Capability

      Software Product Management & Development

      We help companies build or advance their product-management and R&D functions, using advanced analytics, maturity-assessment tools, and proprietary learning offerings.


      Mobile World Congress 2019

      Growth opportunities for telecom operators depend on leveraging digital technology and analytics.

      Cannes Lions 2019

      Join McKinsey—in partnership with Cannes Lions—to hear our latest findings on how to quantify the impact of creativity and track... the evolution of its definition.

      Featured Insights

      Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

      All in: From recovery to agility at Spark New Zealand

      – Three members of the telco’s top team describe the challenges and rewards of implementing agile rapidly—and the power of a “no plan B” approach to change.

      AI in storytelling: Machines as cocreators

      – Computers don’t cry during sad stories, but they can tell when we will.

      How tech giants deliver outsized returns—and what it means for the rest of us

      – Networks and platforms reign within high tech, media, and telecom. Understanding the sector’s dynamics is increasingly important... for executives in all industries.

      Are telcos prepared to lay the foundation for the digital future?

      It’s a pivotal moment for telcos. 5G networks are hailed as the communications foundation for smart cities, connected factories,... and a host of innovative new technologies. Yet the cost and complexity of building out 5G is considerable, with still uncertain returns.

      Enterprise software: An industry in transformation

      Software leaders contend with a growing array of challenges, and new commercial models, artificial intelligence, and digital technologies... are raising the competitive bar. This suite of articles offers our latest thinking to navigate changes and to capitalize on the opportunities they present.

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      Changing trajectories through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and health

      McKinsey Accelerate

      Helping clients to accelerate and sustain their transformations through capability building, execution excellence, and leadership... development.

      New at McKinsey blog

      Blog Post

      SXSW Interactive 2019: The big ideas that got us talking

      – Flying cars, disruptive products and winning design are a few of the topics McKinsey experts shared at 2019 SXSW Interactive.
      Blog Post

      What we heard at MWC Barcelona 2019

      – As we wrap up our third year at MWC, we caught up with three of our attendees to get their takeaways.

      Featured experts

      Wajih Abou-Zahr
      Senior Partner, Dubai
      Brings deep experience in telecommunications, helping leading companies win market share, drive top-line growth, and transform...
      Venkat Atluri
      Senior Partner, Chicago
      Builds and transforms businesses by pursuing cutting-edge technologies and cross-sector opportunities
      Kim Baroudy
      Senior Partner, Copenhagen
      Serves clients in the telecommunications, technology, private-equity, and financial-technology sectors—including financial...
      Adam Bird
      Senior Partner, Munich
      Deep experience and expertise advising clients on critical issues facing digital marketing, media, and entertainment
      Marina Cigarini
      Senior Partner, São Paulo
      Draws on deep expertise in digital, advanced analytics, and marketing and sales to help high-tech, telecom, and media clients...
      Chandra Gnanasambandam
      Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
      Helps high-tech companies transform performance by setting business, product, and go-to-market strategies that create sustainable...
      Ferry Grijpink
      Senior Partner, Amsterdam
      Helps telecom and media companies grow their businesses, shape new markets, and transform their organizations.
      Pallav Jain
      Senior Partner, Atlanta
      Helps leading telecom and high-tech companies drive performance by leveraging big data and analytics
      Axel Karlsson
      Senior Partner, Hong Kong
      Draws on his expertise in technology, strategy, and operations to help telecommunications, technology, and media companies improve...
      Vladimir Kulagin
      Senior Partner, Moscow
      Leads projects on strategy, marketing, pricing, customer centricity, organizational development, and operational efficiency in...
      Eric Kutcher
      Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
      Leads McKinsey’s global High Tech, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications Practices, bringing engineering and enterprise...
      Philipp Nattermann
      Senior Partner, London
      Works extensively with telecommunications and media companies on addressing the challenges arising out of market transition to...
      Mitra Mahdavian
      Partner, Silicon Valley
      Mitra is a leader in McKinsey’s Digital and Marketing & Sales Practices, supporting high-tech companies on growth and go-to-market...
      Paul Roche
      Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
      Leads McKinsey’s global Software Practice, advising online and IT services companies on go-to-market, performance-improvement,...
      Yael Taqqu
      Senior Partner, New York
      Drives innovation and go-to-market performance for leading companies in the telecommunications, technology, consumer, and media...
      Saf Yeboah-Amankwah
      Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Washington DC
      Committed to helping African institutions become “local champions” and world-class institutions.
      Lareina Yee
      Senior Partner, San Francisco
      Leads McKinsey’s global technology hardware and services work, advising high-tech, media, and industrial companies on innovative...

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